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Dare I say this but feel I'm clocking the weeks and the runs up nicely now. The second 5 min run wasn't easy but was definitely easier than the first 5 mins and the feeling of accomplishment when I finish is such a lovely feeling.

Starting to feel much more confident now and looking forward to getting run 3 out the way so I can move on to week 5

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Brilliant Titch121 the sense of achievement on every run is what has me hooked now. They are not always easy but you are doing them.

Look at you go too! Brilliant work, keep it up ;)

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Isn't it just brilliant how your confidence begins to grow as you start to realise what you are actually capable of? That amazing feeling as you complete each stage will just keep growing too. You're doing fantastically. Well done! :)

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This is great Titch, feeling confident you can do it makes it so much easier, you're doing so well with the programme. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Well done , good for you , fingers crossed for the next run xx

All the best! I'm due to start week 5 today. Looking forward to it. Actually W5R1 has less overall running 15 minutes that W4 but R2 &R3 seem slightly scary.

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Good luck with week 5 Tryinghard2016

Ive just had a look at whats involved in week 5. Think I may retire before I get to run 3. No way I can run for 20 mins. Absolutely no way. And then week 6 is less running. How does that work.

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RunningGeekGraduate in reply to Titch121

Believe in yourself Titch121. Look how far you have come since W1 :-)

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Tryinghard2016Graduate in reply to Titch121

I can't say how it works but just completed W5R1 and it was the toughest ever! So much for being confident of this first run because there was less running involved. 😥At any rate managed at crawling pace so am ticking it off.

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Tryinghard2016Graduate in reply to Tryinghard2016

Just read over my reply and font mean to sound discouraging. After reading all the posts here it's very clear that there will be good days and bad...and that wise advice to slow it down does help pull through! All the best Titch121! Keep us posted!

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Titch121Graduate in reply to Tryinghard2016

Dont worry Tryinghard2016 Its not discouraging at all. I would much rather people tell the truth and say if something seems harder.

Well done for getting to week 5.

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