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W7R3 done.


Well there is Week 7 (or 8 in my case) done. I decided to do all 3 runs over the same route to see if I improved or fell back. Including the warm-up/down: 8:30/Km, 7.55,/Km, 7.50/Km. I think I was a bit too cautious on run 1, but really enjoyed the last 5 minutes - which are slightly downhill, which encouraged me for the next 2.

I know it's dangerous, but I am getting quietly confident now.

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Good man - you’ve got this. Great times there, too. Mine average just worse than 9mins/k.

theoldfellow in reply to Jay66UK

Thanks Jay. The encouragement on here has become all important to me.

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to theoldfellow

It’s basically what got me through. It does make a huge difference knowing others are behind you (and watching to make sure you run)!

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