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When to run?


Im only on week 3 and trying to work out when I should run. I've signed up to a 12 week 'bootcamp', which is 2 sessions a week - a Monday and Thursday. Monday is spent on the beach throwing tyres, press-ups, Burpees and such.. Thursday is 30 mins of sprints. It's painful 😂. Do I need to have a rest day before and after Thursdays session? What about Mondays? I haven't ever done this much exercise.. what's happening to me? 🤣🤣

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After my 2nd week I gave myself a running schedule Monday, Wednesday and Friday with week off. If I was on a late shift I would get up early on my run days or if I finished early I would run after work. Having a routine is good cos you can plan your days around running

RhianCos in reply to Running59

Yes, really need a routine! Need the family to know when I'm out too.. easier all round. X


That's pretty high energy exercises as it is with those 'boot camp' days you have, not much room for doing C25K runs, as it is the boot camp exercises is enough to compensate for your runs, Perhaps on a Saturday you could try out a run as on that day you would not have two consecutive days of exercises.

RhianCos in reply to AlMorr

Thanks AlMorr, i hope I can keep going on c25k, even if it's just 1 or 2 days a week. I'd be well gutted if I can't.. but I've paid for the 12 weeks now so can't give that up!

AlMorrGraduate in reply to RhianCos

Well thought of, a good plan, I remember watching that program on TV last year called "Boot camp hell" certainly lived up to its title.

not really. The only issue i there isn't really a way of organiing your C2k runs so that none of them are next to Sprint day. It is less than ideal, certainly.

It would be better if you could change the timing to allow yourself a day either side of the sprintm but the mathemetic of fitting 4 running days and 4 rest day into a 7 day period just don't work. The best compromise IMO would be to do Beach Burpee Babylon and run 1 on Monday, rest Tuesday, run 2 Wednesday, Sprint Thursday, rest Friday, run 3 Saturday. Any residual tiredness in the legs from Wednesday run will be self limiting on Sprint day. The sprints are effectively HIIT rather than continuous long distance running. In term of wer on your joints it is no wore than doing a Zumba class or Insanity ir whatever.

I am sure the Caution Police will be along to advise you must never sprint and jog on consecutive days or dire consequences. I would gove it a go for a while and see how you get on. If your legs start to be (more than usually) painful, somethings got to give. If they are not, then you are toughening up well. The only other alternative would be break your C25k down to a twice a week strategy.

RhianCos in reply to Rignold

Oh thanks rignold.. I'll try this, I think.. although fitting both in on a Monday might be tough. Sunday and Tuesday have been ok as Monday madness is very different but that leaves running for Friday.. not sure how wise that is..



Not sure if it helps, but my weekly routine is a little heavy as well sometimes. I play Touch Rugby, which involves running and interval work, one reason I went onto C25k, so that I could increase endurance and stamina, as well as staying active on other days.

The weekly routine looks like this:

Monday evening - touch training

Tuesday evening - Run 1

Wednesday - Summer weekly social Touch tournament (nothing serious)

Thursday - Run 2

Friday - day off

Saturday - Run 3

Sunday - Occasional serious tournaments

I would advise having a day rest after your sprint training, as this is likely to be working on building leg muscles as well.

Good luck.

RhianCos in reply to RobW73

Wow. That sounds hard. But fun. I think I will have a rest day on Friday.. seems to make sense. Thanks x


I’m no expert - am only part way through C25k - but if I was on Week 3 and faced with the same situation I would treat Thursday Sprints as one of the 3x a week runs, rest Friday, run Saturday, rest Sunday, boot camp Monday (mostly upper body by the looks of it?), run Tuesday, rest Wednesday. I’d be doing C25k twice in a 7-day period so should still graduate C25k around the same time as boot camp. Good luck crazy person!!! 🤣

Jay66UKGraduate in reply to Equi-geek

This is what I’d do. Except your monster fitness regime is completely alien to me and I wouldn’t be doing it at all in reality!! Good luck with it.

😂 i am 40, overweight and haven't done any exercise since school... I put 4.5 stone over my recent pregnancy (not that recent, she's 9 months old!) And although I've lost some, I need to increase my fitness to at least try to keep up with the little ones. Not sure whether something will give (my lungs or knees I should imagine😁) but will try rignolds suggestion of Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and, if this isn't working (or kills me) I will do just 2 runs a week. It's better than the couch, that's for sure!


C25K is flexible. If your other programme is not, then it is obvious where you can adapt your timetables.

It all depends very much on your fitness levels. Most people don't plan to get injured, but it often happens when they increase the load on their body too quickly. Hence the rest days from impact exercise built into C25K.

You are an adult, so you can make the decision. C25K is totally flexible and if you only did one run per week while your bootcamp is underway then you will be doing plenty to develop your body. There is no rule about having to do three C25K workouts per week, especially if you are doing other stuff.

I am probably the nanny that Rignold is referring to, as I would urge caution. Once injured, you won't be doing any exercise for a while, so listen to your body.

Doing some reading about how bodies cope with new stresses may help you make your decision

Thank you for replying. I really appreciate all the advice.

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