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W4R1 - Feel like ive chickened out by using the treadmill! And no pain today :D


Completed this run at the gym today as the boyfriend wanted to go and I didn’t feel like getting up at 5am this morning :D

It was weird, it felt really easy! The warm up seemed to last forever, but then the first 3 minutes flew by. I put the virtual connect on the treadmill so I was staring at some woods with the occasional time reminder rather than constantly staring at the clock. Then Jo said I only had a minute to go!

I’m clearly so much fitter than I was too, I hardly felt out of breath at all and my recovery felt really quick.

I even had enough to pick up the pace for the last minute.

I also didn’t experience any shin splints/ sore right ankle after this run, everything feels fine. I assume that’s because I was running on the treadmill, what’s the key to doing this outside?

Happy Tuesday x

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Wooh hoo! Go you! Treadmill, outdoors??? You’ve done it and no pain. I don’t know the trick, but the one you already have seems to work well. Well done!! ❤️

I get the pain when I run outside though so I’m not sure ahaha 😂😂

But thank you 💞

Fabulous450Graduate in reply to Sortyourlife

Do whatever works for you!! It’s fabulous! ❤️

If you get pain then you are going to fast... slow down and slow down again

I’m not sure if I’d say pain or just aches lol, nothing that doesn’t fade quickly anyway x

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