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Week 3 complete in 3 days

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Hi. This is my first post. I have just completed week 3 and am finding it easy so far. I am keen to do another couple of runs this week as it’s only 3 days into the week. Should I stay on the week 3 regime or should I move onto the week 4 run?

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The program is design perfectly to improve your health and endurance so that you can run 30 min non stop when program is complete.

And by week they mean 3 runs a week with minimum and compulsory a day off and not specified that you have to wait for next week to start a new week (as calendar week) . So technically if you are feeling good and are going on every alternate days .. you can fit in 4 runs in a week .

Thanks for your reply. I’m enjoying it so much I’m have done it 3 days on the trot so I suppose I need to have a day off tomorrow


No doubt running is addictive, but request you to follow the plan in total . The rest days are as important as running days . One day rest allow us to cope up with damages , tears and recover so that we are up and ready for next run.

So pls take rest on alternate days minimum one day .

All the best 👍👍

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Hi, from your post I'm guessing you've run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. This is not a great idea as running causes micro tears to muscles, meaning you really need a rest day between runs or you will injure yourself.

Probably best to have a couple of days off then start week 4 (with a at least 1 rest day between runs).

I'm really sorry that I sound so negative, it's good that you've found it easy so far, but rest days are important especially when you're just starting out running.

Rest days are not optional, especially for new runners. How about running every other day (ie 4 days a week), which means you will get to graduation in 54 days by my reckoning. If you run every day you might not get to the end of the programme at all. Take your time and enjoy :)

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Its great that you're finding it easy but a big part of the programme is mental, which includes doing what you're told. If you go against the plan now it will be much easier to give up and give in before you complete.

Start as you mean to go on and commit to and yourself to follow it to the letter and you'll be flying to the finish line in 9 weeks 👍😉

Thanks everyone. I get the picture and will behave myself from now on😜

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Ahh glad you've been given the info about rest days! The phrase 'micro tears' haunts me. On your non-running days do you have another exercise you could do to keep you ticking over? You sound like you might be fairly fit - maybe power yoga? Mountain climbing? :) I jest slightly but other exercise really supplements your running, strengthening your core and whatnot. Keep enjoying!

Thanks. I do walk 3 to 4 miles a day with the dog and do some strengthening exercises at the gym.

The guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5... and explains why you need rest days.

If you need further encouragement to stick to the plan then I can give you links to sad stories of people who, because they found it easy, went their own way and subsequently regretted the expense of physios who informed them they had done too much too soon.

Training plans can always be adapted, but that is best done from a position of knowledge and experience, but they are structured as they are for good scientific reasons. Most of the graduates on this forum, who have been running for several years, will advise you to stick to the plan.

Take care.

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You must have a day off between each run.

Don’t be put off Lucy, everyone’s just worried about you injuring yourself. You can exercise on your “rest” days to build strength which will help your running. Do let us know how you’re getting on - the forum is a wonderful place for support and we’ll all cheer you on to graduation 😊🏃🏻‍♀️

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