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Couch to 5k done! What now?


Amazingly I completed the couch to 5k app on Friday last week and on Sunday actually ran a whole 5k at our race for life. I am so impressed that this was possible as I think my last 30mins covered just over 4k. I could hear Jo Whiley's voice in my head telling me not to stop and just keep going. And it worked. I say run, I'm not going to win any medals for speed, but slow run works at the moment. I did the race with my 8 year is daughter who really was the inspiration for me to get going in the first place as she is so enthusiastic about running and she does junior park runs every Sunday. The effect couch to 5K has had on me is brilliant. I feel much more chirpy and capable of doing things which I never considered before. I can sprint to make the school bell without losing my breath, feel like I can pace myself in all sorts of work/tasks without getting overwhelmed about where to start. Something I never expected would be an outcome of this program. The other health benefits go without saying, my posture is better, my body shape is better, i feel stronger, l've lost a fair few pounds and I'm generally feeling really positive. I can't recommed c25k enough. But now I feel at a loss, is there another app I can use to keep me on track that anyone can recommend? I want to keep this going and for me I'd like to gradually improve me speed. Any suggestions anyone?



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Fantastic Angela, very well done! 🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏😀

If you check the pinned posts, there is one full of ideas for after C25K. Enjoy the next part of your running adventure. 😃

AngeladaherraGraduate in reply to Elfe5

Thanks. I'll check that out. It feels a bit weird without Jo Whiley chatting me through the run. I'll have a look...

Congratulations and well done! Lovely photo! 👏🎉🍾🥂

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