Some advice please

I've started back to work today , I work on a rota basis , 7 days on 7 off , I ran to work this morning , but it's a bout 2,5 k there & 2.5 back , going it takes me about 18 min ( did this morning , its a bit hilly in places) , 15 min back . Is it ok to just do these short runs there & back 3 times a week , or do I need to get a couple of longer ones in ? Scared I'll lose some fitness & will only want to do short runs when it's my week off . Thanks for any advice . I work 10 hrs a day for my wk at work , so it's hard fitting long runs in . Just on my way back now ( in car ) .


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  • I don't think you will lose fitness if you do the 3 runs a week but if you are looking to increase your distance for the future you will need to put in a long slow run on your off days, it's recommended that you only increase your long run by 10% of your previous weeks total so even that isn't going to build you up much past your 5k unless I have my maths wrong

  • Thanks , yes I want to increase my distance for definite but it's hard to get long runs in now , when I start at 8am , do run get showered & changed , & I'm not the best for getting up to start with . I'd have to leave for work about 6.15 Ish not a nice thought on these dark cold mornings .

  • Goodness your shift / rota pattern does sound hard although nice to have 7days off at time -if you not too tired . sorry i don't have enough experience to help but sure lots of fellow graduates will offer advice It is quite scary once c25k complete Good luck

  • Yes I'm used to it now , been doing it 16 years , it is nice having a whole wk to myself to make up for it .

  • Why don't you run to work 4 days say Monday Wednesday Friday and Sunday? Then Tuesday Thursday and sat on your week off? Just incase I know it's dark and miserable but I'm sure it would really help and do two longer runs on your week of and a shorter one you definitely won't loose your fitness that was and may well end up working on your speed?

  • Thanks twilight , my 7 day wk starts on a Friday so I could run , Friday , sun , tues , weds , then I'm off Friday , so long run then , long one tues & in between shorter ones , good plan twilight , or could use a gym tread mill after work ,, it's just the dark cold mornings , I hate em , I'm seriously thinking a joining a gym again lol .

  • Ha the treadmill is ace but i think you would find it really borning after the outsides but its much easier since it sets the pace etc for you lol

  • I could listen to a book , there's one near us opens. 24 hrs a day , could go before or after work , will keep up outside running on days off in daylight + it's safer

  • That's true and omg a 24 hour gym??? Who goes at like 3am to the gym?? I wish ours opens earlier it doesn't open till 8 would make life much easier I don't like going to the gym in the evening because of all the lads who stare at them selves and girls CREEPY!!!

  • I know & every gym as that sort , don't have problem a lads staring at me though at my age , lol . Know what u mean though twilight , they are creepy . Yes 24 hr gym & it's £11 a month including classes , no pool though , it's just opened , I'm joining when I get chance .

  • Ha true I'm 21 and went to school with a lot of them so it's rather odd really 11 a month!!! Mines 25 I need one of these gyms my gym only has 3 treadmills :(

  • Thats not good only 3 treadmills ! I'd look for another gym if I was you

  • I live in the middle of nowhere next closest is 18 miles

  • Oh I see , there's not much u can do then I suppose .

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