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Advice Please... Knee pain!


Hi - I have just completed W1 (all 3 runs) but ran in agonising knee pain for the second and third run. I am overweight by about 2.5 stones but really want to carry on with this as I feel inspired at the moment. Do I just keep running through the pain whilst my body gets used to the exercise? I have also joined Slimming World so am hoping to be losing weight as I do the programme.

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Please go and get it checked out by your GP. Do not run through pain.

PP64 in reply to Whatsapp

Thank you for your reply. Will try to make an appointment today as I don't want to stop!


It's hard to say as we are not doctors. I had knee pain early on and rested. I found though that the pain didn't go away so I started the programme again, hoping to run it off. It worked and I was able to keep going.

I assume you are going only very slowly? If not, slow right down. I also assume you have some decent running shoes 🙂

Getting rid of the surplus weight is a good idea. Eat and drink healthily, ditch any junk lurking in your food stores 🙂

If your pain doesn't get any better then you will have to see a GP


No! Never try and run through bad pain! Aches n pains happen to newbies, make sure you only run slow n steady, and you are wearing good cushioning shoes, best to have a gait analysis and fitting carried out at a good running store as you go on. So, you should rest up and hopefully the pain will subside, which may take some days,then try again, slowly, run just above brisk walking pace, no more! It's key to injury..if it comes back then you'll have to seek advice from a doctor/sports physio😊

PP64 in reply to davelinks

Thank you - perhaps I will wait a few days and if it continues to hurt go to GP. I will also visit a running shop - but feel a bit self conscious as not a runner!

Thank you for your reply. I can only go very slowly! I have proper running shoes. I am starting to eat very well - lost 3.5lbs last week which is a start! Haven't bought any rubbish and don't intend to!

I think I will just make an appointment with GP and hopefully it will just be the weight!


Sorry, but we can only advise on what we know through experience, your initial post didn't say anything about your proper running shoes, and as for pace, a lot go off too fast without realising and get injured, Yes, weight can be a factor, could be a number of factors, can also be about the way you run and landing on your feet.....

Thanks for taking time to reply- as a complete novice I am hoping that the pain will fade as I lose weight and (hopefully) technique improves! I will go to GP though if pain continues 🏃‍♀️


Knee ache you can run through - not agonising knee pain! Please take it from someone with knee issues that you need to take care of them if you want a long, healthy running career. And running aside, coming back from a knee injury is a long, painful, and frustrating process. Please see a GP/physio before you run any more because if you hope it will go away as you lose weight and it doesn't then you will have done more damage to your knees. It's better to get the all-clear - or advice from a professional on how to minimise main and strengthen knees - than risk injury.

Sorry if I sound harsh. I'm having flashbacks to my days of agonising knee pain and I don't wish that on anyone else! Better safe than sorry.


As all the others say, agonising knee pain needs checking out.

Very often shoes can make a big difference. You say you have proper running shoes but if they were not fitted after a gait analysis, they might be totally inappropriate for you, even if they cost a small fortune. Gait analysis will indicate your running style and show whether you need support shoes.

Good luck.

Dear All thank you for your advice which I have followed. Been to GP who has advised no further running until I have seen a physiotherapist. This has been referred. She suspects that i need exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee and that the pain is due to excess weight on weak muscles. If this is the case I should be able to re-start as soon as I have used the exercises given.

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