What would you do......if you were me ?

Those of you who know me, know I've had injuries since the beginning of June.

But I have been able to regularly visit the gym and have had help from a personal trainer.

I have only been able to run 5times in July and twice in August.

Yesterday the plan was to run 4 miles.....I did 3 in 32 minutes back in July.

Only managed to run for 20 minutes before I literally was sick!

Should I return to the program....or keep attempting the 4 miles?

Serves me right for ordering a graduate tee shirt!

Not going to wear it before I can run 30 minutes again!

I definitely need to run 3 times a week, and now am injury free, I can.

Any advice please?


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  • I've been having health problems for the past couple of month (women's stuff and low iron levels etc) and I've struggled to run for any length of time without having a walk break. BUT I have been covering longer distances by accepting that I have to take breaks and I usually end of running most of the time. The longest distance I've covered was 12 miles. I insert small sprints and try to always run up the hills and I AM improving slowly and I really enjoy it. Perhaps something similar would work for you ?

  • Thanks. Am going to try and get comfortable with20 minutes and then get back on the program I think. 12 miles? That's fantastic! Keep going and I hope you get all your medical problems sorted x

  • I am also injured and I have decided that once I can run again I will do 20 minutes twice a week and one longer one, if I feel I can. I am not going to worry about distance covered (no garmin!) as I just want to take it nice and slowly. If the 20 minutes has made you sick then try going back to week 5 run 1, where there are walking breaks (if I remember correctly)

    Good luck :)

  • ThanksTJ. I hate being injured.

    Although I have been working hard at the gym it's just not the same.

    I think I will stick to 20 minutes for next few runs and then get back on the program when 20 minutes is a bit more comfortable ( comfortable? ).

    And like you say not worry about distance :)

    When you start again....good luck. :)

  • Have you tried the 5k+ podcasts? There is some variety on each of them and no pressure to complete a set distance. And you must wear your Tee- you earned it, now flaunt it! :)

  • If I keep it to wear when I can do 30 minutes again it will give me something to aim for!

  • You should step back a bit to allow the conditioning to return - do what feels comfortable - then a rest day - then up it a little - but not too much.

    Don't worry about breaks - I agree with sfb350 's advice - and enjoy it!

  • You're all right.....just need to get my head round the fact that I was running 9k back in may and now can barely do 20 minutes! But will put myself in Laura's hands......after all, I've done it before, I suppose! Thanks, everyone :) :)

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