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W7R2 Completed


Tonight was another so-so run. I didn't enjoy it particularly but it wasn't horrible either. This past 2 weeks I've been off work and with diet and routine out the window, it's been more difficult than usual to find the motivation to run. That's the last 'time off work' run done so back to usual on Monday now. The Strava/Samsung Health discrepancy is still there with one saying 5k distance covered and the other saying 3k. For my next few runs I'm tempted to turn both off all together and just concentrate on time alone. Everything else at this stage is irrelevant. Graduation feels closer and closer with every run!

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5k/3k is a huge discrepancy. One of those must be working assuming an average stride length as opposed to GPS?

FimooGraduate in reply to Thecko

I've only used Strava once before. There was a similar discrepancy on my last run. I tinkered with the Samsung Health GPS settings but it's still there. Both show the actual route I ran so will check against the car tomorrow along my route

Morning. I completed, despite a tech failure, W7R2 last night. I enjoyed this one more than the first and hopefully I will the 3rd. My blue tooth head phones ran out of energy and then my phone. This meant I had to estimate the timing of the last 2 mins!

I think the secret,at this stage, is to realise how far we have progressed. The fact that you found it difficult to run but still did it proves you are motivated?

Anyway we are so nearly graduates,onwards and upwards🏃‍♀️


I have a Fitbit, use the map my run app and have Samsung health..my stride length is on my Fitbit but think the others use the gps. My wk 7 run 2 yesterday was slow but sure. It clocked me at 2.27 miles in 30 mins as I turned it on during warm up and off during cool down. Samsung health says 2.3 miles in 26 minutes. I’m going with time rather than distance but have a 5km Race for Life next week so will get a good gauge then. I also do my local Park Run route to see how much of it I can do. I’ve been doing the first run of each week with a local running group, its really helped keep me on track even during time off.

FimooGraduate in reply to tuffybug

I'm waiting until after graduation for Park Run. Just not feeling confident enough about the distance at the minute and would rather wait until I know I can cover it. Good luck for your Race for Life!

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