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Starting again, again - W1R1


I wonder how normal it is to end up doing Couch to 5K over, and over, and over...

Life keeps getting in the way! I moved house (and country) not long after finishing C25K last time, and suddenly living on a steep hill in winter in Ireland made running seem almost impossible. It wouldn't actually have been, of course, but having been used to flat ground in the south of Spain it was too easy to justify not keeping it up.

Now I'm in the UK, in summer, on lovely flat ground by the sea and trying this again, but it's been so long I'm having to start from the beginning. Oh well! W1R1 went well, and I think I can probably cope with skipping straight to W2R1 next time - lots of hill walking in Ireland meant I haven't entirely lost my fitness. Here's hoping I manage to keep it up this time!

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Good luck x

Sounds like you’re having the perfect life.

I think exercise is enjoyable and so do as much as you want to without it becoming an obsession would be my advice.

You have to keep doing it though so enjoy it🤗

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