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Sooo 8 weeks ago at 49 years old and a true couch potato i started out and w1r1 was the hardest thing i’d ever done ! i’ve since completed each run and tonight was my first 28 minute run 😩2 laps of my local park , the first 10 minutes as usual were the hardest but something clicked tonight , usually when jo says stop i stop but i had more in me and ran a few more minutes to get to 4k, i wanted it and i knew i could do it , this app is fantastic , i feel fantastic . We should all be proud of ourselves 🥇

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Well done!! That’s fantastic progress!!


Well done 99pinkbubbles, won't be long before you graduate, your grad is next week, I will hopefully graduate in two weeks when I plan to run along the seafront at Helensburgh which is actually about 35 miles from where I live. You certainly should be proud of yourself.

99pinkbubblesGraduate in reply to AlMorr

i haven’t planned my graduate run yet, great idea to do it somewhere memorable though . Good luck , we can absolutely do this !!

AlMorrGraduate in reply to 99pinkbubbles

Thanks, of course, we can absolutely do this, I usually go to Helensburgh about 4 times a year, so as it sort of corresponds to the actual time I will be at week 9 run 3 I just thought I would do the run there along the promenade. Helensburgh is a town about 30 miles west north west of Glasgow on the Clyde Estuary with lovely views of the Highlands to the north-west.

Brilliant, keep up the good work.


Well done 99pinkbubbles, I will repeat a previous Runner’s comment “from couch potato to runner bean” . Just love it. 🤣

I’m on week 8 too. Feels pretty awesome doesn’t it? Well done us!

99pinkbubblesGraduate in reply to Starbeas33

it’s a fabulous feeling , i’ll be a little bit sad to graduate , ive loved it , just me and jo whiley on our runs 😂 Well done you too !


Well done! Nearly there!

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