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4th Consolidation run


I went out early to beat the heat. I was feeling good and decided to run a different route without Michael and just my music and a timer. After 30 mins was feeling good so decided to carry on running and see how far I got...4.6K which is the furthest I’ve ever done. I reckon the pebbly path near the beach towards the end did me in!! So not the elusive 5K just yet but I know it’s not too far off. Still a bit gutted though...

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That's fantastic...I'm also did my 4th run. Did my first run solo without the app, I don't know if it was because it was a Monday morning run after a two day break, the heat last Monday or not having the app breaking the run down into segments but found it hard. So back to using the app again. first 10 mins hard...and when i know ive passed the first ten mins I start to relax, the last ten mins I always build momentum...I've been conditioned!! Friday was my PB I ran 5k but today was a slog only managed 4.8 in the time and didn't beat the heat!! 😅

After a not brilliant run, my phone told me I have run over 45k since recording, so you have too thats definitely a PB for me. So hats off to us..we are still doing it!! well done🤗

SweatyHettieGraduate in reply to GreenBearxxx

Thanks GreenBear I’m with you re the toxic 10, it takes a while to find your groove but then you just crack on. I was surprised that I was a bit annoyed with Michael interrupting every 5 minutes! How fickle, it was only a few days ago I said I would never leave him behind 🤣

I think I actually prefer not to have the breakdown and just have a halfway bell. I guess that’s what consolidation is all about, finding what works and what doesn’t. Good luck with your next one


Well done for getting out there again and for trying something new.

I guess consolidation is meant for us to experiment and you should be really proud of your new longest run!

Plus you got to 30mins and felt good! Bet you didn’t think that was possible at the end of wk1!

Enjoy your rest and best of luck for your next run 💪🏻

SweatyHettieGraduate in reply to Maddie82

You’re absolutely right thank you 😊

Well done, don;t be too gutted! I did my 5th consolidation run this morning, i'm not managing 5k yet either, but still going for the full 30 minutes with the help of Laura. I have to say it's really not getting easier, i wonder how many more i'll have to do until i see the difference?

SweatyHettieGraduate in reply to BeetrootFace77

I found last week quite tough too but had a good one today so I think there’s hope... I made sure I set off super slowly this morning and it took me a while to find my rhythm but once I was in the zone it felt relatively comfortable. Keep in touch to compare notes! X


Thanks everyone for your encouragement- I just need to be patient with the 5K! 😊


Well done, I reached 4K this morning on my second consolidation. I’m aiming for 5k eventually too, maybe a few more weeks. You won’t have long till you’ll get there

SweatyHettieGraduate in reply to MMP175

Well done 👍🏼 I think I’m just getting hung up on a number rather than being pleased that I did my longest ever run! We’ll get there eventually 🐢🤣

MMP175Graduate in reply to SweatyHettie



Well done.. I think you should be very proud of getting to 4.6k! Terrific effort..😊

SweatyHettieGraduate in reply to Peggy63

Thanks Peggy! Actually when I told my son the route I took he was impressed so that gave me a boost too. I’m not even bothered about running 5K all the time, I just want to know that I can! I guess with consolidation this will come ... slow was my lesson during the programme, perhaps now it’s patience 😊

Peggy63Graduate in reply to SweatyHettie

5k is actually a very long way - I’m still not sure I’ll ever make it at my snail’s pace! I didn’t even get to 3k in 30 minutes for my graduation run and just under 3.5k so far in consolidation.. at the recommended ten per cent increase per week (time or distance) it could take me months I think..😂

I’m not bothered though.. the longer it takes, the more likely it is that running will become a habit.. at least until the swimming pool opens and feels safe again..

SweatyHettieGraduate in reply to Peggy63

Wow that’s a good increase though Peggy! 👍🏼I want to make running a habit too, I’m usually a gym bunny ( never actually set foot in the gym I do classes) but am seriously considering whether to go back. I guess it’s easy at this time of year, it’s when the cold dark mornings are back that the test will come.

You’re right, 5K is a long way! When I mapped my run I was surprised that what I thought was much longer at the halfway point (15mins) was only 2K- it felt much further!!🤣

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