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Wk 4 r1 done

Well just finished run 1 of week 4 along the quayside in Newcastle and managed quite well. The step up seemed massive when looking at the minutes before hand but once into it then I managed ok. It helped that it was a cool day and very flat.

I am still amazed by this witchcraft of an app and how I have moved from week 1 till now. Very clever indeed.

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Well done, we are on the same week, I am doing first run tomorrow and a bit apprehensive of the 5 minutes seem such a step up. although we increased by 50% and 100% in week 2 and 3 but my maths let me down with this current jump. Its good having somewhere flat to run, I have a country lane although the camber can be fun. I wonder if I can run any slower because I think if I do I think by distance will be in negative.


I have no real distance measure so focus on time. I followed the advice to take it nice and easy in order to finish. I turn at the halfway bell so no distance pressure. It was further than previous runs though :)


I’ve just done mine too. I’m feeling quite proud of not giving up. The app makes it so easy.


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