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Week 7 Run 2 already!


Well somehow I have managed to make it this far! Did my 2nd run of Week 7 this morning and am amazing myself that I am now able to run for 25 minutes without stopping. Today was hot and humid even at 10.30 am so the run felt more laboured than Run 1. I have to admit that as I passed a few park benches I was definitely tempted to stop and sit down. However as many people on this forum have advised, the challenge is mental as well as physical and I did have to tell myself to keep going.... And I did! When Jo told me there was a minute to go and I could sprint if I liked, I did laugh out loud; partly because I knew I could run one more minute and secondly because I knew there was no chance of going any faster!

I was glad I had gone to a lovely park today which I have never run in. It definitely was a bit of a distraction too.

For those just embarking on this journey - keep at it, the plan does work.

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Well done, that heat certainly does make your body feel heavier some how 🤣

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