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Week 7/8 Change


Completed week 8 on Saturday night which felt great, I'm not sure what other peoples opinion is on this but i found for week 7 and week 8 I changed the plan slightly.

Week 7 is meant to be 3x25Mins

Week 8 is meant to be 3x28Mins

I've found that doing 25,26 and 27Minutes in week 7 and then 28,28 and 29mins in week 8 for me worked very well!

Personally I've found that moving from week 7 to week 8 and now to week 9 seems like less of a jump.

Its something to think about!

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Good point DC1995, too late now for me regarding week 7, I completed all those 3 runs and run 3 of week 6 in 25 minutes, but it as given me an idea regarding week 8, yes perhaps I could run two 28 minute runs and the third one at 29 minutes, I will try that one out, less of a jump indeed.

DC1995Graduate in reply to AlMorr

Good luck with it!


Well done, and good luck with W9!

DC1995Graduate in reply to Jay66UK



Sounds like a plan. Although I’m not brave enough to deviate from whatever Michael tells me, assuming he leaves the pause button alone.

I found the biggest job mp to be week 5 run 3 (is it) where all of a sudden there’s no walk in the middle. But now it’s just a question of trotting along until I’m told to stop.

DC1995Graduate in reply to Couch2couch

Haha, I use the app but also have a countdown set on my phone, so for week 8 R3 which is 28Mins i set an alarm for 34 Minutes (5Min Warm Up+ 29Minute Run) and just Ignore Michael telling me to stop and just push myself for one more minute.

And yes, Same! i found W5R3 a challenge then also W6R1 a real struggle too!

I've taken a slightly different approach and just pushed a tiny bit faster on my Week 7 run 2. Not sure if I'm going to be doing it again for run 3 tomorrow though.

I might use your alarm trick though. Laura keeps dumping me just before I finish running... :-(


Alarm for the latter runs is definitely a good idea ( i think) just as a back up incase there are any problems with the app!

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