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Graduation Run!

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Not quite the scenic run I had planned, as I woke up this morning to find that my part of Skye was covered in a cold dense fog.

So there were lots of “firsts” on this run - first time I’ve run for 33 minutes (whoop!)... first time I’ve run on a road surface (disappointingly, the track outside here is actually a narrow strip of tarmac, and the verges are too uneven to run on)... and first time I’ve been seen outside wearing tights :)

I found the constant ups and downs a challenge - “undulating” is definitely the word here - and my heart rate was a lot higher than when on my trusty treadmill. Plus my antics amused a group of foreign hikers who I managed to meet twice on my looping route. Only other passers by were the sheep and lambs who were constantly moving out of the way as I came past.

But I did it, and made it to 33 minutes too which was the (plus 10%) target I’d had in mind after sneakily doing a 30 minute run at the end of week 8.

Tremendous feeling to have completed the programme :) Thanks to one and all on here who have helped greatly along the way.

It’s not the end, of course, I plan to continue running every other day, and push on with the weekly +10% time increase, aiming to get to 5k very soon. And hopefully join Ju-Ju’s next 10k programme which is starting later this month.

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Congratulations and great work 👍🏆

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Was wondering how you'd gone on, so pleased for you 🏅🏃‍♂️ onwards and upwards no stopping you now you've shown the world your tights 😚

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HoagyMGraduate in reply to SendWine

Yeah, I’ve been a bit quieter than usual on here due to taking two whole rest days since w9r2, plus have spent most of the last two days in the car, plus the wifi here is pretty temparamental, so I have to get in and post quickly while it’s behaving itself :)

Congratulations!! Well done in completing the plan and good luck with your future runs 😊

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A massive well done! Thanks for your motivation on here...keep us posted on your progress 👏👍🏃‍♂️👨‍🎓💪

Yey well done you 😁👍you have come so far on this journey and some places can be a challenge to run on.

Hope you don't feel too sore the morn......

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HoagyMGraduate in reply to Loobylou43

Thanks, and hopefully not - my back is feeling it a bit at the moment, which I think is probably down to running on a road vs treadmill/forest track. But my “rest days” for the next couple of weeks are going to be wall-to-wall hiking - did a “little” 3-mile walk this afternoon, just to warm up :) So suspect I’ll soon know if I’ve done anything serious!

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Loobylou43 in reply to HoagyM

Here's hoping just a couple of niggles from the harder surface, that's why I am sticking to my country track. It may be long, straight and not particularly exciting but at least I know it well and my body copes with it mostly 🤣🤣

Enjoy Skye..... you'll need to do some hiking in the Grampians if you haven't done so already...

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Well done HoagyM. If I could find an emoji for bagpipes I would send it. 🏃‍♂️🏆🏅🍾🥂🐑🐑🐏

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Well done 👍🏻 🌟✅🏁💫🍾🌠brilliant all went well! Great that you have planning for next few weeks, come on 10k !!

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