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5K Done 😊😊😊😊

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Along side the C25K app, I have been doing the C25K grouprun in my local park, 3 times a week, at the end of the 9 weeks, they have an organised 5K celebration run which I completed yesterday, really good weather for it as it was much cooler than previous days and a light drizzle. Completed the course with a medal and t shirt for proof😊done in 37 minutes, not the fastest or the slowest, no walking just running, doesn't matter what your speed is, everybody has their own speed that they are comfortable. If your local town has a group run i really reccommend joining them as it can really spur you on, you all run as a group and finish as a group while completing the 9 weeks app, I couldn't and probably wouldn't have done it without the group spirit. Good luck to you all on your running journey. Enjoy

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