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First ever 5k. Done ✅

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Tonight was W8R1 (a 28 minute run) and I’ve done my first ever 5k! I managed it in 27.21, not bad for an 18 stone 40-year-old who has been running for less than two months! Really pleased with that. Now to graduate and keep working on that time (and maybe push on to 10k)

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Good time!!!

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Congratulations on running 5K in that time before you graduate from C25K, not many runners achieve that wonderful sub 30 minute time on graduation let alone on week 8's 28 minute time, you will still have to run the 2 other 28 minute runs of week 8 and the 3/30 minute runs of week 9, the 3rd one being your graduation run, perhaps you should slow down a little, there is always a risk of getting injured if you push yourself too hard, good luck for your graduation run.

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Wow... awesome run... amazing time for a first ever 5k too. You got this... and you can do 10k (which will help you beat that 5k time as it happens) damn, you can do anything you want to with this and life, so long as you bring the same determination to a similarly amazing plan. Happy running... enjoy closing this out.

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Pleased? I should think you are! That's an amazing time. 👏👏👏

Don't always try to beat the clock though. It's long, slow running that builds stamina, reduces the risk of injury and leads to faster times if you're into running for the long haul.

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Spratton15EGraduate in reply to Speedy60

Cheers, good advice, will take that on board.

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I was feeling quite good about my attempts on here ... until i read this!....

Just kidding... I'm doing ok


nowhere near the heady heights of 5k and certainly nowhere near your time!.... THAT is brilliant! Well done! :-)

I'm on week 9 run 2 as my next run but I"m currently about 0.7k off a 5k and thats at 30 mins but I've only got little legs so will take my time :-)

Well done again -

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Wow that’s very fast! Be careful though 👍🏽

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Wow! That’s incredible .. your progress, distance & time ... well done you!

I look forward to hearing about your next few runs!

I’ve just done w9r1 ... but am more of a Snortoise (🐌🐢) ...

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Amazing!! Well done.

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Wow, that is really impressive. I am also on W8 but I am nearer 4K - Well done, what a great effort!

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Holy macaroni, that's incredible! I am not sure I'll ever get to 5k in 30 minutes, and I'm on week 9! Congratulations, that's a massive achievement... so much so, we'll even forgive you the Watford top! 🤣👍🏻👏🏻

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Wow, that’s amazing! I did W8 R1 yesterday and pushed myself to get to 3K 😂. Congratulations on your superb effort. I’m now going to wipe your post completely from my mind and go back to feeling pleased with my 3K. Goodbye 😀

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Blimey! You must have done it before!? Superman. Be careful tho😊

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That is fantastic it took me 2 years to get to a 30 minutes 5k and I have never it that quickly, be proud.

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Wow ! Congratulations Spratton15E :)

Amazing. I am still doing post-graduate consolidation runs and 4.2 k is my maximum so far, a couple of weeks after graduating.

Truly amazing stuff

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Wow 😮 27:21 brilliant time, you should be very proud of that....well done 👍

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Wow good job.I would be ecstatic to come close to that I’ve been a runner for 11 years now running 4 times a week and my PB at Parkrun is only 34.07 and I was happy with that .

All you new C25Kers seem to be made of strong stuff

Good luck

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wow, just wow. thats quick for a runner only 8 weeks into his journey. Great run for wk 8. keep it up and just make sure you don't pull something or sustain an injury as you are only a couple of months in. Take it steady and enjoy your last 3 runs.

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