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Week8 Done ๐Ÿ‘Š

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Oh my, it's so warm out there. I think the rain we've had has just made the trail damp and muggy ๐Ÿ˜ซ I've sweated so much I look like I've stepped out of the shower.

But that's it week 8 done. I've got mixed feelings, pleased that I've come so far and the end is in sight, but seriously worried that I'll fail once I've finished, I need the tick boxes and plan to motivate me, might have to devise my own chart or something ๐Ÿค”

8 Replies

Great effort!! I believe there is a 10k plan after the c25k if you wanted to go further. If not, I think there is a stamina one as well that could be good after you finish the plan. Only 3 runs for you to go!!

SendWineGraduate in reply to LadyP79

Not so sure about 10k ๐Ÿ˜ฃ but will definitely check out the stamina ones, thank you x


Well done!

For motivation, I printed out the chart of the runs for C25K and put it on my fridge and ticked off each run with the date whilst I was doing it.

Iโ€™ve now written below that:

Consolidation week 1: 3 x 5-30-5

Consolidation week 2: 3 x 5-30-5

And so on up to week 4.

And I have a post it note with the 5k to 10k programme runs on it for anytime Iโ€™m mad enough to try that bit!

I hope you find something to work for you.



I am so looking forward to seeing your graduation post.

Counting down from 3...


Well done! On the home stretch now! Plenty to do once this bit is over!

See you on the podium next week! ๐ŸŽ“๐Ÿ˜ƒ


Well done - Iโ€™m taking a little break to do some scuba diving and need knuckle down again when Iโ€™m back in uk after weekend.

I have felt much less tired doing 3 dives a day and managed stronger currents with less puffing so I can definitely see a positive cardio difference from doing this running - hope I can pick it up ok when back - got to end wk6 ๐Ÿคž


Well done SendWine. Yes consolidation is the name of the game. Run some different routes to keep your interest . Just 3 runs and youโ€™ll be there . ๐Ÿ†


Well done (catching up with a few posts while my WiFi is back!), I said on here recently that I think we all underestimate how challenging it has been to run in these hot and humid conditions.

I am also concerned about possible loss of momentum/motivation/mojo once the programme ends... which for me it did an hour or so ago :)

So am going to keep up with a run every other day, come rain or shine (easier to say that when you have a treadmill at hand for the โ€œrainโ€ bit of course). Will also try to keep adding 10% time until I can run (slowly) a 5k. So my week 9 runs were 30-31-33 (minutes), the next three runs I am aiming to be 33-33-36, then 36-36-40, that sort of thing.

But Iโ€™ll take each run as it comes and run for a longer or shorter time depending on how Iโ€™m feeling that day, and if I find at any point that itโ€™s all getting too hard, Iโ€™ll just keep doing the same time for 2-3 weeks and consolidate, as the expert advice on here says you should.

Everything is time-based, rather than distance or pace, as for me that is easier. Even as a kid, I was the one who could run forever, just not very fast! I think Iโ€™ve found over the last couple lof months that nothing much has changed in that respect :)

And on top of the above, I do plan on joining in Ju-Juโ€™s 10k programme, which will be starting in a week or two.

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