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Week 8 runs have definitely been much the hardest of this programme. Run 2 was great so what am I doing that's different? I haven't been to cardio classes and Hiit for 3 weeks as they were shut.Does that make a difference? What about nutrition and water? I was looking forward to enjoying reaching the end , but I don't feel like that at the moment. I will be repeating the same runs 3 times a week after I've 'graduated' but I feel rather disappointed. I have just told my friends on Facebook what I have been doing and I have had lots of support, but I feel a fraud.


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  • Same! Just done week 9r2 30 minutes and it's killing me! I too thought it would be getting easier but it's not. Sorry I have no advice just know you're not alone. I suppose the thing to look on is we can actually do it, however slow, however hard, when a few weeks ago we couldn't run at all. You're not a fraud but I know what you mean. But hey, we got off the couch! Just keep going, I'm sure it will get easier at some point. I was thinking the same last night 'will I ever enjoy this!'. But getting home, red faced and sweating feeling like I've worked out instead of lazing around does bring a certain amount of satisfaction if nother the actual running. Keep going! xx

  • Thanks Sparky . I agree with you! I'm doing a 5K on Saturday. As long as I finish that's all that matters. I hope I'll just improve from there!

  • I'm doing one a week on Saturday and I'm determined to jog all of it even at my snails pace, even if I have to crawl across the line. And do you know what? I know I can do it now and so can you! There's no frauds here. Good luck!

  • I think these longer runs eat into your energy. If you haven't got it, for whatever reason, it's tough. Had to repeat the first run, week 8. Second ws on the treadmill and was so easy. third one outside again and it was a struggle (though part of that was rain, wind and mud).

  • I don't think you're a fraud at all ;-) On the contrary, be proud of your achievement! You need to take into account that you are now on longer runs and that your body, even if prepared and ready thanks to the programme, still needs to adjust to some exercise it wasn't used to a few weeks before (especially if you were not into any regular physical activity).

    Some days/runs are better than others. It does get more comfortable but not necessarily easier. You should slow down when you feel you're struggling. I've been running 2 or 3 times a week since my graduation in mid-November, 30 mns or a bit more, and no runs feel the same lol. Sometimes, it's like I'm gliding on an air cushion gracefully running through the 30 mns and at others, I feel I'm very slow and need to keep a very slow pace until the end. Still, I don't feel exhausted as I used to as it gives me a boost.

    You can always make sure to drink a lot of water the day before the run and also take an extra rest day if you feel tired.

    Even after 9 weeks, we are still learning how to run well and how to deal with the changes in our bodies. Go for the last one of the programme and don't be afraid! You're doing great!

  • Thank you so much for your words. The support on this forum is absolutely invaluable .

  • I have a habit of negative self talk. In recent therapy I was advised to think ‘would I say that to a friend?’ so would you call a friend or someone else on this forum, ‘a fraud’? Of course not, like everyone else here you would be kind and offer support and encouragement. This advice from my therapist has helped me not just for running but for all aspects of my life. I’m attempting wk 8 run 2 later, after a month off so I’ll do my best and if I have to stop it’ll just be a practise and I’ll keep trying. Don’t think the Christmas diet will have done much for the old fitness levels!

  • I was a therapist for over 17 years so I should remember that!I'm getting to know the ups and downs of running even for the experienced.

  • Runs are different.. some are amazing, some not... pull back a little... relax more into the longer runs..that is what they are for. Let the newly found running legs just find their happy pace...

    After Graduation you will be amazed where you get to.. with different routes, distances and times...You are doing brilliantly..now just cruise gently to the podium and get ready to begin the next part of your incredible journey :)

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