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W6R2 Preview

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Despite my best intentions I didn't get week 6 finished before hols so once it cools down later this evening, I'll be attempting W6R2,the last of the walking breaks! After a 5 day (!) break I'm hoping I'll be feeling fresh and ready to go. Over the past 4 days I've smashed my personal steps record every day, maxing out at 25,476 steps yesterday. Hopefully that'll make it easier to jump straight back in but I'm open minded about repeating if needs be. Reading everyone else's success stories of this past week's running is helping me psych myself up and get out there. Happy running everyone!

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5 days isn't much. Hope it all goes well.

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FimooGraduate in reply to trogdelight

Thanks, done and dusted. Not my best run but not my worst, a bit slower than usual but completed without keeling over!

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