Week 7 run 1 in the bag!! Go me!!

Can't believe I am starting week 7. Did it on the flat today and avoided the little undulations on the trail. Had some oasis and pitbull to keep me going (is that a strange combination??!! )

Avoided the rain thank god.

Still can't believe 6 weeks ago I was huffing and puffing through a minute of running.

Still feeling it big time in the calves. Could there be a reason for this? Poor footwear. Lack of strength? When I get to week 9 I think I will reward myself with a visit to my local footwear specialist and get gait analysis done and a shiny new pair of running shoes :-)

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  • Well done. Looking good :) Could be footwear. I would be paying a visit before w9 to have gait analysis checked / new running shoes bought. If that is the reason you don't want to be risking an injury and if you are going to have it done anyway, then why not now ;) I did the same and couldn't believe the difference a proper pair of running shoes could make.

  • Well done, MancBird. As suggested already, do get that gait analysis done now. Prevention (of injury) is better than cure.

  • I found that getting the right shoes magically cured a lot of calf pain, might well be worth getting that gait analysis done sooner rather than later.

  • What they said, you never know it may be something really easy to fix and you would enjoy your running a whole lot more. It's amazing the progress you've made though isn't it ? The programme just works !

  • Also, you are stretching after running aren't you....?

  • Yeah - what they said. I had huge issues with my knees until the wonders of proper gait analysis and shiny new shoes! :)

  • Yeah i always stretch after exercise. Usual hamstrings, quads, inner thigh etc. I am also walking 2 miles a day and swimming once a week. I do have plantar fascitis in my right foot which i am working on improving but this causes pain in mornings and in evenings mostly, rather than when i run.

    Yeah henpen90 getting to week 7 !! who would have thunk it!! lol. Still rockin on.

    Will try to get these new super shoes sorted. Been looking at a asics gel shoe but we will see. Think i have flat feet too ;-/

  • Get yourself to a running shop where they do gait analysis... they'll work out what shoes suit your running style best... :)

  • Ok boss :-) cheers

  • Oh - and - this is VERY important... keep on enjoying your running! :)

  • It's so great that you're enjoying it and progressing really well even with the calf thing! I'm doing it all a bit more slowly, in fact am on the sick couch with sore throat and fluey stuff after a few days trying to get swollen ankle to subside, eek. Hoping gait analysis may help with that too. Good luck, it'd be great to hear if you get the pain sorted with new shoes.

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