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Turning over a new green leaf!

Hello Couch to K'ers! How are you? I'm Annette, eclectic and curious and fast approaching 50! I'm a newbie in these here parts!

I decided to commit to choosing a consciously determined path towards success in multiple areas of my life and I'm doing it alone for the meantime. I feel very lucky that I just managed to open my eyes to wanting success and all the setbacks, the perceived trials and tribulations that accompany the outcome along the way that I just know will feel glorious to grasp when manifested and real!

Got to start somewhere so I changed to a vegan enriched lifestyle several months ago now and now is the time to ramp up my wellbeing by running...such a great multi sensory experience and one that will literally transition me from getting by to running with love and results-groovy ey!

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Just be warned - it's addictive 🙂, I even get up extra early to go for a run - what's happened to me !


I can only see good in getting addicted to feeling truly alive and getting up early for the buzz! Bring. It. On!!!

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