New diet, new me?

So now I'm coming to an end of the couch to 5k podcast ( so sad :( ) i have realized that maybe i do have the will power to stick to something for once. These 9 weeks have flown by. Unfortunately i have not lost a thing, not one single pound, and i haven't noticed any changes. So now I'm trying this new diet, and am wondering if anyone else has had any success. Its known as celebrity slim, and its quite similar to slim fast. I am now getting desperate to lose weight before my summer ball. Anyone got any tips? Well anyway, wish me luck! lol


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  • Hi KittyCatt - diets like those are purely quick fixes which are only good for a specific short term goal like a summer ball as the weight will go straight back on as it is not a normal way of eating that can be maintained for any length of time. I follow the SlimmingWorld plan which is based around pure healthy eating - lean meat, fish, rice, pasta and lots of good old fruit and veggies with a few treats thrown in to stop falling off the waggon completely. I have polycystic overies (PCOS) so do not lose weight easily but have lost a stone since January. I am now running 3 times a week - start week 3 on Saturday and do Zumba on the wii a couple of times a week too so hoping the losses will speed up again. Unfortunately there are no quick fixes - eat less and better and exercise more. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your ball and look fab :)

  • Oh and well done for completing the 9 weeks - that is such an achievement you have now graduated :) :)

  • I recommend Slimming World - I lost nearly 4 stones and that was without any exercise other than walking to work every day. It really does work if you follow the plan properly (just like C25K!) and its really easy as its just based on common sense healthy eating.

  • I think I tried one Celebrity Slim soup once - yuck !!! And expensive Yuck, too !! I've lost weight gradually, about 1 1/2 stone since August by exercising and using the MyFitnessPal App and website. You can log your exercise and food consumption and just make sure that the calories burned exceeds the calories consumed. Its more sustainable than a strict low calorie diet and means that you can balance your food consumption with your activity. I think it helps you to establish a better attitude to food and exercise. I love the phone app - it has a bar code scanner to log the calories from most shop-bought meals and snacks.

    Also, don't forget that muscle weighs more than fat so you are probably more toned and in better shape than you were to start with.

  • Don't give up hope yet on C25K shaping you up intime for your summer ball. I do Weight Watchers and despite sticking to it religiously I lost exactly 1 pound after doing all 9 weeks although was starting to see a wee bit toning up happening.

    I'm now 2 weeks post graduation and have run for 30-35 mins 3 times a week for those two weeks and all of a sudden 6 pounds and one full jeans size is gone. A great incentive to fuel your body properly and keep running if ever there was one!

    Good luck and keep running.

  • Might sound soft but its true!!!!!! My BF has lost weight about 1 1/2 stone since last Oct through a program at his GP's. To be honest the only thing that hes done is EAT BREAKFAST a bowl of porrage AND EAT LUNCH just a buttie or muslie bar. and have his normal evening meal. The Nurse at his GP's said his matabolisum was in a comma due to only eating 1 meal large meal a day and beeing late in the eveining.

    I wouldnt waste my money on that slim fast or Celebrity slim it just a comercial con. Just try eating less callories in a day and ALWAYS eat breakfast any thing wil do to get your motabilisum started for the day ahead. Good luck and WELL DONE

  • Oh have a look on here theres some good tips and advice.

  • Well done on graduating x

    I know some people dont lose weight despite upping their exercise levels, mainly cos they eat a bit more to "compensate"! I know its not for everyone so I am not trying to "sell" it, but I have been doing WW for 8 months and have lost 4 stone (despite eating more than I was eating before and enjoying a normal life, holidays, Xmas, birthdays etc lol!), but more importantly, since starting C25K I have lost several cms off my thunderthighs and butt and when I have lost weight before that was an area I never seemed to reduce!

  • Don't be too quick to dismiss the VLCDs (very low calorie diets) as my doctor recommended that I do one. I don't know about Celebrity Slim but I do Cambridge. I started life on sole source which is just the packs and allowed me to regain control over my eating and prove i didnt need to eat to self medicate. That break from conventional food was what made the difference to set me on the right path. It was great to start me on my journey. I moved up to step 2 (810) after 2 stone which introduces a small meal and is classed as a low calorie diet rather than very low calorie diet. I'll soon be moving up to step 3 which is approx 1000 cals having lost nearly 2.5 stone on 810. I'll the go to step 4 (1200) and then step 5 which is (1500) calories to lose the last 1.5 stone and educate myself for maintenance. Going through all the stages teaches you what, and how much to eat and reintroduces possible trigger foods to allow you to learn what's right for you to eat or not.

    In my experience, people have many strong opinions about programmes like Cambridge as they know so little about it and assume it's all about starvation fad dieting. Im grateful that my doctor suggested the VLCD to me and trust in his opinion far more than others who have little knowledge about the subject.

    I'm not saying that a VLCD is for everyone. I think it's up to the individual to keep an open mind about what might play to their own strengths and retrain and play down their weaknesses. I've tried many many conventional diets over the years such as slimming world, rosemary Conley, weight watchers etc. I've finally found something that works for me thanks to the packs allowing a complete break from conventional food and a clean slate to start from and the various plans to move through to educate me for maintaining my losses.

  • Thanks for the comment! I aswell have tried so many diets, including slimming world, wieght watchers, harcoombe diet, low Gi .. you name it and iv probably tried it. Celebrity slim also has different stages like the cambridge. just hoping this one works lol

  • Just echoing earlier comments. I've lost 1.5 stones on slimming world in 3 months. I'm never hungry and so have the energy to continue my running. I started it because I too was frustrated that the running wasn't moving any weight (I was happier, fitter and more toned - however this didnt register at the time!). I've never heard of the diet you posted, but I have tried dieting and exercising before and ended up feeling dreadful - slimming world works for me cos I can pig out on food so I always have energy for exercising (just has to be the right food)

  • For me keeping in mind a good calorie amount is what I do.

    I use MyFitnessPal to track my food and exercise (free website, free apps), although I've currently not lost much I know I'm much healthier and my physique looks better.

    I don't like spending out on something that in my head I should already know what to do.

  • Hi lovely! Don't do it!!!! meal replacement diets are just bad, you just need to carry on the running and eat healthily, I haven't lost anything either and my dresses still don't do up!!! I think it'll come off later when you get fitter and faster :)

  • If you like a "community support" approach you could try a *free* site like SparkPeople or MyFitnessPal. They have trackers, diet plans and support forums. I've lost 22lbsin 15 weeks with one of these sites + C25k.

  • I've lost 20 kg in nearly 4 months. That's running 3/4 times a week, tae Kwon do twice a week and pump class at my gym once or twice a week. In addition I watch what I eat, normal breakfast and lunch (cereal and sandwich) with fruit and yoghurt for snacks. Dinner is whatever the family is eating but a smaller portion. No takeaway, no junk food.

    Now I'm over half way to my goal weight I let up occasionally and have takeaway but still eat really well.

    My energy is up and I feel great... Sometimes you just have to want something enough!!!

  • Dont do any fad diets, they cost too much and eventually you have to go back to eating normally. 3 years ago I was 22 stone and now weigh 12 through eating properly and sensibly. I have tried Weight Watchers etc but it wasnt for me. Just eat right and it will come off xxx

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