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New to running .. and a bit confused


Hello people :)

I just started picking up the habit of running .. and made a crazy decision and signed up for a 5k race ( my aim is to try something different this year) . I started with the c25k program, and oh boy it is very interesting how fit you think you are VS reality haha. I started by following week 2 .. and now i'm on my day 2 of week 2 .. it gets harder on the second half .. i pause for a bit and then resume .. i get frustrated a bit then feel better. And i think i will be repeating week2 till i feel that i nailed it.

Now few questions;

1- Am I suppose to finish it on time, or can I pause take a break then continue?

2- I notice I feel pain in my throat, is it the weather?

3- Is it important to take rest days or can i exercise for 5 a week ?

3- Does it get easier :/ ?

This community seems to be refreshing, i'm happy that i joined

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I see this is your first post.

Have you read the FAQ Posts.🤔

Did you start with wk1🤔

Sore throat can sometimes mean that you are pushing yourself too hard, if it is not a cold.

This is a slow and steady , tried and tested programme.

Footfall under your hips and slow to protect your legs and lungs until run by run you improve your strength.

After every run you must take a minimum of one repair day.

You need to read up on the programme, do not just charge ahead.

When you do the running period do not stop, this is how you build your stamina.🤔

You have to enjoy this.🌟👏👏

This community is the best.🌟👏👏

Noufa in reply to Tbae

Hi ! Thank you for your response and pointing out to the FAQ, I honestly had no idea about it.

Thank you very much your reply was helpful

Hi Noufa,

This program works, and is designed to get anyone running for 30 mins by the time they complete. It is a nine week program, however it is perfectly ok to repeat weeks or runs along the way if you need to. By following the program, you will gain stamina and strength and remain injury free.

You should start with wk1 R1 and its very important to take at least one day of not running between your run days. This is when your legs repair and strenghen, you could easily injure yourself by doing this impact activity on consequtive days as a new runner.

The guide to the program is here...Take some time to read through it, its a great program and is fun to do.

There is plenty of support for you on this forum...

Oh and the running intervals need only be done at a nice slow steady pace.

Good luck and keep posting😊x

Noufa in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thank you very much for your reply, the link was very helpful. I guess I literally "jumped" out of the couch. I will invest more time in reading and learning and maybe slow my run.

Thanks again

BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to Noufa

Its great that you are enthusiastic, take it steady and work through the runs, one at a will love it!😊


Hello and welcome aboard.

Lots of links full of important info already given.

To answer your questions

1. You should complete each session in the time given.

2. You're probably pushing too hard and struggling with your breathing.

3. Super important to have your rest days. You can do other lower impact things on your rest days, walking, swimming etc.

4. Definitely. Some runs are harder than others. You made it harder by not starting at the beginning. I understand why you do... but it pays to start at the start. Part of the programme is learning to hold back and do as you're told.

It's worth it, you'll be loving it soon👍😁

Noufa in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Hello and many thanks,

You have been very helpful answering my questions. I look forward for the next run already and part of it because of what you said :)

You’ve been given the links so now you know what to do you’ll be fine. Take your time and you’ll enjoy the ride. Most of us do.

Good luck and happy running

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