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Late run

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Just watched a recorded episode of Springwatch and sun's still out so decided to do a late run tonight instead of tomorrow morning. I had a day's rest yesterday so I'm good. What I didn't realize is that's it moves from 5 mins run to 8 mins run in W5R2. I made it so I'm quite proud. Took it slowly. Legs a bit tired but not too bad. Made a healthy giant couscous salad with lots of herbs, olive oil, red onion and plum tomatoes and lemon juice. Can't wait to taste it at lunch tomorrow. All in all it's a good result

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Well done! I also did a late run tonight, because the rain looks brutal tomorrow! Congratulations on your 8 minutes!

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spscollins in reply to Hannah337

Thanks for the heads up on weather. Getting rain gear ready

Well done.

I like an evening run

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Well done! I've finished week 4 tonight (no sun here though) and then had a sneaky peak at what's in store for week 5. Have you looked at W5R3 yet?? I can't wait for that one although I've said the same each time, I'll never do that, but so far I've managed. Good luck and enjoy the salad.

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Tasha99Graduate in reply to Cjf3267

You’ll be fine 💪🏽

I did week 5 run 3 today. Nowhere near as bad as you think it will be, honest!

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Cjf3267Graduate in reply to Clareelizabeth

I must say I am kind of looking forward to it. I definitely feel that I'm getting there - slowly but surely.

I should have done it two weeks ago but kept going back to run two! It’s more of a psychological challenge and great when you crack it as I am sure you will! 😁

Thanks for this positive note.

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spscollins in reply to Cjf3267

I did peek and am a little concerned but will take this slow definitely

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Cjf3267Graduate in reply to spscollins

Good luck

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