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Week 9 and beyond cream cracker update

HI folks back again to let you know how things going .Well that's today's walk done only meant to try and do 2 miles at a real leisurely pace with no particular place to be . It was just me and my camera and a stroll through the 2 local parks . Just got home , a little bit puffed out and fitbit tells me i covered 3.77 miles . I'm thinking yeah right , so i check route on maps and danged if i don't believe it was 3.77 mile , so I'm well happy so tomorrows walk will be short one and Thursday will repeat today's and see how it goes . Seem to be going from strength to strength , been doing one short walk and one long walk , but I know its still early days . have to go back in 3 weeks now find out the histology from the 2 tumours ,but im like a cat on a hot tin roof , I wanna grab someone and shout ''tell me now'' . It will be what will be , but I'm kinda hopeful as well.

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Fingers and everything else crossed for the right result when you get it. Sounds like your walks are doing you good. Leisurely walking is a great way to spend time.

Don't think I'll ever get to be old and wise, more like old and still stupid (my daughter stole my wiseness I swear, I'm in awe of her).


That's such great news. It sounds as if you're doing brilliantly 🤗💪

I'm so pleased for you.


Glad to hear you got out & about. It's horrible waiting for those results - I know exactly how you feel - feels like you wanna camp outside the hospital until they tell you! Good luck - fingers crossed & keep us posted.


Nice to hear from you doubletap. Glad to hear that things are going better and that you are out there walking. Take care


Missed this post when I was in hospital. Hope you got the results ok. Got my histology back yesterday. Looking all clear. Waiting for a supervision plan. Apart from that, like you, just walking.


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