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Oogachaka Baby

I haven’t posted for a few days, have been trying my runs with music, without music, week 9 of Laura, c25+ podcasts, distance only runs, even just running for 30 minutes, but nothing gelled but today I heard the dancing baby music and it reminded me of Ally McBeal but mostly the man with the velvet voice, Barry White aah sigh! My First My Last, My Everything. Ally who? Some of you may ask. I’m an oldie I’m allowed to reminisce, so tomorrow 2nd week and 2nd run of my bridge to 10k, with Barry can’t wait.

Oldies can do anything, had my monthly phone call from my elderly aunt and uncle (84) in Thornton Cleveleys, Sunday morning, at 8.00am for us over here, telling me they had bought a tablet and to send them a whats app invitation, so duly did and then a request to turn the video on, brilliant! met their neighbours who were also there. Shame I hadn’t brushed my hair and was still in my dressing gown.🤭👶🏻

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Ally McBeal was great fun. Loved that show at the time. Have a fun run with big Barry! Must be difficult to get into the groove after the programme ends. You're doing so well to continue running so regularly, especially because you're finding it difficult to find something that works for you. No advice really, I think I'll be a happy naked runner (no earphones, music etc), even now I only keep one earplug in to hear the run/walk prompts. Keep trying different things til something does stick. Good luck mate x

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Thanks Dee, I’m surprised at my patience, but it is starting to get me down, but I love this running I’m not going to give in yet. Have registered for my first park run, so might try “naked”. 😳

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