Taking the babies with me

My distance is coming on leaps and bounds now that I have knuckled down to it, and I am up to 8Km, and less than 45 mins, so very chuffed with that.

Problem now, is after that time and distance, and running in the morning before brekky I have limited 'fuel' on board. A bottle of Lucozade before I go is soon used up. So, I thought I would give Jelly Babies (what did you think I meant?) a go. The problem is I want to eat these en-route, but I don't have any pockets, so any ideas what I can carry them in? Has anyone tried using Jelly Babies?


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  • Nerdio, this has made me smile! I've managed just over 5k so far and if I look on mapmyrun or similar it will suggest that I've only used up only a measly 400calories or so and therefore feel that I don't need the jelly babies! However, I'm a big fan of them and like any excuse to buy them especially for childrens cakes, gingerbread houses etc. But I digress.........!

    I bought a dirt-cheap running bag thing (on a waist-belt) from Sports Direct- less than a fiver. Wouldn't something like that do?

  • I bought a little sleeve pocket thing that goes on your arm from Sports Direct for about £2.99! I use it for my phone (I can't get on with the waist bag thingy) but it would serve as handy Jelly Baby access! If they're good enough for Tom Baker and Dr Who, they're good enough for us! ;-)

  • Jen (sorry to butt in, Nerdio!) Does your arm band cope with a smartphone? I was given one for Christmas and it doesn't really fit my waist bag and I must lose 2 minutes from each run wrestling it out of the bag and then finding the right button etc to press!

  • I know what you mean! This isn't one of those velcro ones. It's made from the same sort of material as a running shirt - sort of a stretchy pocket that pulls on over your sleeve. sportsdirect.com/karrimor-a...

    It's a bit of a faff to be honest but they all are! I wear it on my forearm and have a Samsung Galaxy which fits OK. I have to set my music going, push go on MapMyRun and then lock the phone and stuff it in the pocket really quickly! I leave it alone then until I've finished. If I get a dodgy track on my playlist it's just tough! I can't see a thing without my glasses on! :-D

  • Lol you sound like me Jen it's a right faf what with I pods , keys & god knows what else , I think when I get back into it I'm going to run naked ( not literally ) lol

  • Haha! Go on; I DARE you! ;-)

  • Thanks, Jen! That's really helpful. Yes, I must look really feverish trying to stop the app on the phone! I can see why people have Garmin's!

  • I have a wrist band thing I used to carry my door key in, but it is not very big. The one shown in your link looks a bit bigger, mine would only get a couple of babies in. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Ha ha I love it!!! N long runs I have experimented with various sweets... Jelly babies, randoms, jelly belly, milk bottles, rhubarb and custard... And my favourite is the jelly belly as they stay hard in the pocket... I'd suggest getting running tights with a zip. Or if you are feeling hard core, I saw when I did my HM someone with a commando stylie mesh vest with holsters for water, gels, hard core stuff....!!!

  • Thanks for the benefits of your extensive research on sweets. I think the commando vest thing, might be a little too hard-core for our sleepy little town. Zip pocket in my running tights (under shorts, I hasten to add!!!) is all I have, but it is not easy to get too. Maybe though, with Jelly Bellies, which stay hard, it might work.

  • Good choice, and they come in so many flavours.. The other bonus is that they can go through the washing machine and still be intact :)

    I forgot to mention that tooty frooties are also quite effective...

  • .......go through the washing machine and still be intact.......

    Unlike unlaminated parkrun bar codes then!

  • My runs (only week 3!!) say I'm using 1220 calories!! But I've got the equivalent of an extra person attached to me in flab so I reckon I don't need to worry about jelly babies for now.

    By the way, my extra person which I carry I have named her Patsy, I do wish Patsy would begger off some mornings. Xx

  • When I went out for my first ever 10km I took a few Turkish delight cubes and wrapped them in foil and put then in my back zip up pocket in my running trousers/leggings - bit of a faff getting them out to eat at the 6km mark and not sure how much it helped but I did get to my 10km goal so maybe it did!

  • I had visions of either a papoose or a buggy, but as they are so tiny maybe better of with a waist bag? Karrimor do a very compact one, perhaps if you double wrap with sandwich bag in case of melting.

  • I usually wear a wee zip waist belt that is just big enough for my phone, spare tissues and 3 or 4 Haribo jelly sweeties.when on my longer runs.


    However, I don't carry this during races as I don't need the phone I can't find the video I wanted to share with you, showing a solution, but the idea is to put your sweeties in a zip-lock type bag and safety pin this to the waist band of your shorts. It hangs inside your shorts, but you flip it over to the outside to open and get your sweets. The video shows a guy fixing a small bag about 15x5cm, but I've not seen any this small here (I saw them in the US), so I just used a 'small' (approx 15x20cm) bag and folded over the bottom and taped it to give a shallower bag. A shallow bag is less shooglie and is easier to get whatever is inside out.

  • I can feel a patented Jelly baby Running Dispenser coming on. A bit like a giant Pez thing that fits on the side of your earphones and flips them into your mouth, Oh Nerdio, what have you done.... ;-)

  • Pez. OMG that takes me back. Weren't they cool.

    I did find a flaw with the Jelly Babies this morning. I had thought I would happily chew and run. How hard can it be? Nope, that cannot be done. When you are breathing as hard as I am (through your mouth, because nose just isn't working in the cold), you can't chew. Looks like I will have to suck them.

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