Running with a baby

Anyone else doing c25k with a baby in tow? I've just finished week 6 run 1.

I walk with my older son to nursery, then do my c25k session pushing my 4 month old around the park on my way home. He normally falls asleep on the cool down walk, and stays soozing long enough for me to get my shower in when I get home.

I get a lot of 'are you crazy?' Looks from other mums, but mainly high fives or thumbs up from the other park joggers!


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  • I am always totally in awe of people who run with buggies. Amazing, especially with a baby only 4 months old.

  • I have seen a lot of men and women out at park runs pushing a three-wheeler pram. There are certainly loads of people out there with the jogging prams. As long as the baby is enjoying it I don't see any problems with it at all. You should not let having a baby keep you from doing anything you want to do, and more importantly spending as much time as possible with your children is what we parents are all trying to achieve. I took up running to get fitter to be able to play with my son and I am loving it, as is he.

  • Wow, that's great! I have an 8 month old (and a 3 year old) and the only way I have found that works for me is to get up quite early, do the run, then return in time to shower and throw some clothes on before the kids are up (I leave my husband in bed with the baby monitor). I've just finished week 5. I think it must be much harder doing this program whilst pushing a pushchair, so we'll done!! It's brilliant that you have found a way to exercise whilst having a baby to look after.

  • Jogging pushchairs! Lots of folks have them these days but I bet they're pricey but you could get a second hand one. Julie Creffield writes a blog about running with a pushchair. Her blog was all about running as a larger lady and the trials and tribulations with it. Great blog! Well worth a look

  • I run with my Phil&Teds double buggy, it's pretty good! I think any 3-wheeler with fairly big tyres is ok for the kind of smooth park pavements I run on.

    Mbardon - yes that is my main reason for running too, to be a fit and healthy mum and a good role model for my children

    Miss wobble - thanks! I will check out the blog you mentioned

  • I ran a half marathon earlier this year. There was a mum pushing a pram. For 21 km. In the rain. It was amazing to see. So respect to you as well Gail. It is not crazy, it is a brilliant solution to the "how do I find time for my run" conundrum. Well done!

  • Well done Gail !

    A lad ran past me last Sunday when I was doing the Great Run local run ( before I got lost :-D ) pushing a buggy with a baby in it .

    Blimey, he was so fast ! He was like Ben Hur on his chariot ha ha ! :-) xxx

  • Well done. I used to walk for miles with my baby right from when she was 2 days old. I didn't take up running until January this year and I think it would be weird to run with her in a buggy now - She is 19 in a couple of weeks :) .

    Enjoy your run and your baby time and if it gets him to sleep then even better :) Just smile at those disapproving mums they are just jealous :)

  • Wow! Well done, its hard enough to do without pushing anything! Ask me in a year or two and perhaps i'll be following in your footsteps but not quite yet. Least you've shown it can be done! :)

  • Well done! I think you are amazing to run with your baby - had enough just dragging your own body around!

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