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Week 4 run 1

Ok so it's week 4 run 1. Let's see if some of this sounds familiar.

5 mins warm up? Check

3 mins run? Check

90 secs walk ? Thinking about 5 mins run. Not concentrating.trip over my own feet and end up on my butt. Up, brushdown and Laura is already into her chat about the 5 mins.

5 mins run 1. A tad pissed now as I fell over so we are on it. Probably too fast, adrenaline and all that. (Plus temper tbh). But did it. Managed the full 5 mins. So that's ok. Well chuffed.

2.5 mins of walking and realising the tank isnt all that full.. still blowing when Laura (i really hate her sometimes) tells me ... Hey another 3 mins please.

3 mins ... off we go . Blowing now slowing down. Slower slower I keep hearing all you peeps telling me. So slower it is. Not catching the walkers in front of me. Who cares... don't stop.... keep going. Then Laura (I really love her sometimes) tells me ,its time to start walking 90 secs (is that all).

90 secs walk. Check.

Last 5 mins run. I'm truly knackered now. I'm thirsty, its hot and I'm struggling. Running must have an effect on the space time continuum . How else can you explain walk breaks that seem to last 10 seconds with running session lasting hours? Still plodding.. eternally plodding. Sweat in my eyes. Ok been running for at least 7 mins now... have to stop running. So did. Literally 10 secs later Laura says were done. What an absolute ball ache. Felt like I'd failed. So so pissed off. Warm down now still annoyed. Get back to car feeling so upset. HOWEVER......ITS TIME FOR A REALITY CHECK !!!!

I've done 3 weeks of 3 runs to get to this point, so 9 runs before today

Before that i had done bugger all for longer than I care to remember.

Roughly 30 mins per session so about 4.5 hours total time and actually probably closer to 4 hours total time and I've run probably half that time.

So in circa 2 hours running I've gone from blowing up running for a minute at a time to blowing up at 4 mins 50 secs AFTER completing 11 mins before hand

SO....I'm pretty chuffed tbh. Tuesday is another run and I 'll give that one 100% as well.

Is there a message here. Absolutely !!

Don't beat yourself for the small setbacks. We are awesome. We are out there doing this thing. We continue to keep going out and at the end of the day perseverance will get us there. The only thing that can bring us down is ourselves.

So it's not that I didn't manage the final 5 mins. That's a negative. I DID manage 2 x 3 min runs, 1 x 5 mins runs, and 1 x 4 mins 50 secs. I AM a persevering snail paced plodder on my way to 5k and I am proud 🙂.

If you got this far reading you also have perseverance lol

Run safe, run slow (if needs be) but keep running .....

Before anyone asks yes it was bloody hard and yes I did feel like vomiting at the end.

Stay safe you awesome people.


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That space time continuum comment made me laugh out loud 😂

You’re doing fab! Well done 💪🏽


What a fabulous post!


Give yourself a huge pat on the back because you did it !!! So feel very proud of yourself you have come a long way from doing nothing... Keep it up 🏃🏃


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