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First 10k ✅

After many 5k consolidation runs, 24 and 3 per week, 120 kms in 8 weeks decided I would test out my stamina over the 10 k distance.

Been having problems receiving Laura’s Stamina & speed podcast in the Woodland area.Funny no problem with Stepping Stones.🤔 I have used them in other locations.🤔

Enjoyed the run, 2.2kx5 around the beautiful coastal/woodland park.Hung onto all the C25k teachings and completed.Reasonably contented with my slow pace🤔, happy with my fairly even pace,particularly when my goal was to run every step without stopping.Did not stop even for water, hydrated well, and positioned a couple of water bottles at two points around the circuit on my fist lap, rather than carry the backpack.🙈😂

Some reservations now on accuracy of Strava distances.🤔Walked and used Strava to log distance of my route today.The PARKRUN is helpful in that way with an official and reliable benchmark.🤔

Was shocked to learn that Strava logged my local football field as 300 m round the perimeter while I had it nearer 400m when using it during the C25k programme .🙈 Just as well distance and pace are not the focus and goal , just a sustainable 30 mins.

I thought my personal post consolidation phase plans and goals were quite clear and fixed, bit more information and clarity required.🤔🙈😂

Still, keep building up the miles and running body and enjoy the beautiful outdoors and weather.👏👏👍

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Lovely post Tbae...well done in the 10k...bet you’re very pleased 😊

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Yes very pleased.Both my 5k splits were quicker than my first ever and only PARKRUN of 8 weeks ago.PB for 1mile and 1km.

Not running quick though. 7 km/hr or 9min/km. So 90 mins for 10k.But the great thing it is as Laura would say a good workout.1100 calories.🤔😂

So your right Mummycav just keep putting in the miles, as you are doing, and when you are ready and done your friend proud,you will have all that in the bank to see the rewards in your times and distances.

So much on offer, but meantime enjoy and keep smiling.

You are doing great,🌟👏👏


Well done Tbae! I’ve just signed up for the Bournemouth 10k in October and good to see its doable. 😬

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Read 10 top tips for 10K. I think Active🤔

Interesting and of course any amount of info on the forum and elsewhere.

I just did it after an assessment but without building up week by week.Not perfect and not the way.But I am now seriously considering doing it as per bridge to 10K.

Love Laura’s C25k + podcasts. Just fab. So busy with them now. Having difficulties receiving the speed one.🙈

Doing 5k stamina + 5k easy but hopefully with the short interval speed + 10K long run , So 3 per week and 20 kms.

Enjoy your plan.I prefer structured running programme.🌟🤔👏👏

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Thanks! Better get reading!! 😬

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I find I read more than I run.🙈😂😂

And the poor garden,🙈

Chelsea has no worries.🙈😂😂

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