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After some advice please

I went out on Tuesday for my week 3 run 3 and feel as though I twisted my ankle, at the time it just felt like a twinge and I kept on running, it was fine all day yesterday, but this morning it really hurt and hasn’t eased at all through the day. I don’t know whether to go out for my next run tomorrow or rest it for a day or 2? Anyone felt this or have any advice I would be grateful


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Listen to your body.

The run will still be there in two days time.


Listen to Yoda! He wise owl.

Ankles are tricky things. Rest up until it's feeling like going for a run with you... Not worth taking chances with it. But frustrating.

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Thank you both. I’ve woken up this morning and it is still sore so going to take your advice and give my run a miss. I just don’t want to do more damage by risking it.

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