C25K+ Speed podcast = Pulled Hamstring

Rats. I tried too hard this evening. Decided to use the C25K+ podcast for speed on the treadmill. Everything went fine for the first 4 intervals. I went from 5.5 mph to 8mph and it was strenuous but comfortable. Then on the second to last one I felt a twinge that got worse. I took the speed down, rubbed the offending hamstring and finished the intervals.

So it's time to hit the foam roller and see if I can sort this out. Any advice gratefully received. I can only feel it when I stretch it so I don't think it's a bad strain.

As Monty Python would say - "I've had worse"

I also did the ice bucket challenge afterwards which was good fun if you want to look here's a link



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18 Replies

  • Well done on the ice bucket! Hope you saved some for the hamstring! :)

    Take care - don't want you out of action now that you're powering on! I'm about to hit the foam roller tonight as well as a pre-emptive strike... the roll of torture begins soon!

  • Thanks Aussie - think it will be frozen peas tonight

  • Oh dear GF, just when it was all going so well! Take a day or two off and you should be good to go if you rest it

    Fingers crossed!

  • Thanks MW hope so

  • Oh GF - what a barsteward , you were flying too , hope you are fighting fit soon. Fingers crossed for you :-)

    Hows young Miss GF doing on her C25K ? xxx

  • Absolutely. Thanks PP. Day 2 tomorrow for Miss GF

  • Oh no GF, I did something similar trying to keep with the beat on the Stamina podcast, I've since given up by membership in the Ministry of silly runs and abandoned C25K +.

    I'm sure you'll feel better soon, you've got the 'I' covered, only RCE to go :D

  • Thanks Em I just wanted a bit more speed to get my 1k and 5k times down. Will have to see if the Ice and roller works. It was a bit silly of me though.

  • Don't beat yourself up, it's one of those things, you feel silly afterwards but we all need to try new things to know where our limits are. Just annoying we can't turn back the clock :)

  • I don't think that the paces you were attempting were meant for the C25+ podcasts. The BPM of those podcasts only goes to about 160BPM - which IMO is way too low for the pace that you were using. I can imagine that running at that pace to the beat of the music of the podcast would result in you overstriding - hence the injury???

  • Yes quite possibly Bazza. Previously I used 5.5mph and 6.5mph which was fine. Live and learn.

  • Ouch GF! Hang in there and good luck on your recovery. Time for more frozen veggies :)

  • Wow. What a pace - that is a marathon in 3hours 30 minutes. Slow down to more leisurely run at this stage. I ran a mile at 9 mph or rather tried and almost fell of the treadmill. Hope your hamstring gets better soon.

  • Thanks Janglyshe I know I can do 8.5 (but not for long). I think the 5 mins wasn't long enough to stretch my hamstring

  • oh no! speed podcast did for me too : ( It's definitely a trap for the unwary, and those who get giddy about being able to run faster than a pidgeon can walk i.e. me. Pamper that hamstring and I am sure you will be back on form soon : )

  • Thanks scawbyplace good to know it's not just me. Then again you only find where your limits are by pushing the boundaries ;-)

  • Hope your hamstring gets better soon!! How annoying

    I do love the speed podcast though!!

  • Thanks Vixchile. I'll just have to go easy on it tomorrow

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