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C25K+ speed podcast

OK so I took the advice I was given on here (bombarded with actually but very gratefully received 😉)& I tried doing the speed podcast. Hmm. It was OK struggled a bit - took the advice I was given & “manned up” & put up with the (very strange) music but at least I had Laura shouting 1,2,3,4 (didn’t realise I’d joined the army!) it was OK & like you all said - it mixed things up a bit. I might try a longer run next time & then do that one once a week. Hope you aren’t all melting in the heat & taking it slow & steady. Good luck & keep on running!

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Good on you Welshwitch! Glad it went well. Another new experience to add to the list. 😁❤️

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Sounds interesting - well done for giving it a go! Still can’t run😿but managed a brisk(ish) walk with the dog. My whole thigh feels tight & heavy. Might have to find a physio. 🙂

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Oh bless you! That is so frustrating. Yes - maybe get some professional advice. Hope it gets better soon.

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Thanks 🙏

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Well done. Not even dared look at these yet!

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No - I was going to build up to 5K & then try other stuff but after everyone’s advice the other day I thought I’d mix it up. Still not really feeling it though but I’m not sure if that’s the weather- I’ve never enjoyed the heat. You are doing great Jay - keep on keeping on.

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As are you x

So pleased you had a go! Well done you! 😊

Well Done! Now you know what you're in for, use sparingly (like me! 😆). I do prefer the other two, but you gotta mix it up to strengthen your legs of you're going to increase distance. Or so I believe! Lovely to watch you progress x

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When you used the podcasts how did you access them? It won’t let me download in the App Store so I had to use the internet & I think I was using my data on my phone to run it which will cost me money! I’ve got an iPhone 5S?

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I downloaded from audiofuel here...


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Thank you. I will have a look

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Let me know if it works 😊

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I think that’s the link that I was using - it won’t open in the App Store so I have to play it through the internet which uses my data. Thanks tho.

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This sounds great! Variety is the spice of life - including running! Great job well done!

They aren’t easy these bloomin speed runs! But still somehow was rewarding that you survived them! 😬

😆😀...oops I think that was me Welshwitch, I'm sorry I didn't mean it😘.

Well done for trying the speed podcast, You did well in this heat..

I am literally melting right now...take care in these temperatures, there must be a break soon... 😊xx

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Ha ha! Don’t worry - you didn’t offend me - you were quite right. TBH I run on a treadmill at the gym but that’s because of my migraines- I can’t run outside in any kind of heat or sun really- hoping to get back outside in the cooler weather & do the parkrun.

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Have to say though that music on the podcast is very odd!

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Audio audio audio fuel😄😄😄 yes, its all about the bpm I believe. x

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