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W3R3 done but have a problem

Hi all. Working well with the runs and pleased with my progress so far. However, I am starting to get some lower back ache during running which is starting to be a bit uncomfortable. Is this common? I'm hoping this doesn't become a problem as I move towards week 4. Any advice much appreciated.

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Runners need good core strength, so work on that on your rest days.

I had a similar problem when I did my first few 10 mile runs and regular planks and bridges soon sorted it.

Google core strength exercises for runners.


I have that too sometimes and I know it’s because I’m very overweight. I find the main solution is simply to slow down - right down if necessary. Im dealing with my weight at the same time as my fitness. Do you think that might apply to you? The other thing is to do specific back muscle exercises.

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Hi. I suffer with back and hip pain as I have scoliosis but have found that since doing c25k I am feeling a little better bit by bit. I also walk and do a few stretching exercises when needed.

Sometimes I have an extra rest day if required. Swimming also helps.

Hope it goes well 😊


Pilates is great for strengthening your core. Or swimming.


I experienced lower back pain too, during weeks 2-4. For a while I ran with painkilling gel applied to the problem area which worked quite well, then one day I forgot to apply it and experienced no further pain. I am not recommending the gel, just relating my experience. Increased strength and fitness, as well as losing 7lbs during this time are probably factors. Hope yours disappears over time too.


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