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Just getting started after a heart attack

To give the old ticker a boost after a recent heart attack I am attempting to complete the C25k programme. I think it is fantastic. I am already in week 2 and actually look forward to going for a run with Michael Jordan in the mornings.

I’ll let you know how I am doing. But good luck everyone.

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Good luck to you too. X


From a fellow cardiac patient good luck and keep going.


All the very best to you.You are amazing.🌟👏👏

I used Michael Johnson for my 27 runs and no playlist, techie dinasaur,for the programme.

Did not know of the amazing Laura’s podcasts for the C25k programme.🤔 and with music.

Now using Laura’s post graduate podcasts.

Well done for making a start and joining the forum.

The programme, Administrators and members will look after you.

Keep asking for what you need.

FAQ Posts a must and interesting read.Many tips, etc.

Slow and steady and be sure and take your mandotory repair day after each run.

Believe in the programme and believe in you.🌟👏👏


Excellent! Good luck!😊


Slow and steady.

Enjoy he journey.



Well done glad you are enjoying it 😊😊it’s such a brilliant programme 😀



Check this out and take it slow and steady :) Keep posting your progress and very well done:)


Wow! Well done you! Happy running 😊👍🏃


Brilliant. My brother is a cardiac care nurse and runs regularly (often in aid of the British Heart Foundation). He is a huge advocate of regular exercise. You are doing such a great thing by signing up to this... All the very best to you and your ticker 😃


Well done!


Power to you! Im starting c25k again after a heart attack


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