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My first race ever

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Hello everyone-

first post.

I could never in my entire life run for more than half a block without burning in throat and lungs. Am 57 years old now.

Started this program and am doing great! Am in week 7 now, first run this week I had to quit at 24 min- just could not do that last minute, was utterly exhausted. Miracle for me- I did not beat myself up about it but was/am amazed I could run for 24 mins!

Meanwhile, bowing to peer pressure- I had signed up for a 5 k through my work. So- yesterday- after 1 rest day after the 24 min run- I ran a 5k in 36 min! It started off with a pretty intense uphill stretch after about 300 yards of flat, and I did end up walking for probably less than a minute there. Everywhere else- jogging along! My time: 36 min for 5 k.

Yes, very happy, even proud.

Work long days so won't run until the day after tomorrow when I'm off, 25 min of week 7. Curious how that will feel...

Thanks for the support

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That’s wonderful, good for you! 😃

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Rueckenwind in reply to Elfe5

Thank you, Elfe5!

Wow, well done Rueckenwind 👍🏽

Thanks, lagatachocolate! Feels so great!

That’s a really good time!!! What did you have for breakfast? 😂

Lol! Muesli and Yoghurt. A friend told me to eat bee pollen- but did not. Experience with bee pollen, anyone?

Yes- very surprised by the time myself! A friend ran with me, right next to me- very helpful.

Excellent time, well done you. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. 😀

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Rueckenwind in reply to Razouski

I love the mandatory day of rest....

I'm 57 too and just started week 2 ..finding it a challenge as have never been spotty at have inspired me !

Just sticking with the program is all I did! Quite amazing. Really never thought I could ever do this. Keep it up, sofabunny! You can do it!

Have never been sporty either ! LoL !

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WalkingWithLabradorsGraduate in reply to Sofabunny


Well done you! Amazing progress! Enjoy your success! I hope that week 7 goes well. I hope to start week 7 tomorrow as well.

Good luck, 61andtrying. The body is amazing.... There is no telling what we will do next...

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Well done! I'm also 57, I have never run (Well I only jog) in my life, I have just completed w6. I start week 7 tomorrow. Like you said the body is an amazing thing, never thought I would get this far. It just goes to show you are never too old! Xx

good luck! You go!

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