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My first "official" race!!!

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You know the ones -- where you get a number on your chest and tie a little tag to your shoelaces :)

8.3 klm on a dirt track with 700 others. I set myself a goal of under an hour and did it in 57 minutes 3 seconds. Not that the time matters at all -- just an indication to me that I can set a pace and keep to it over the distance - the pace almost identical to my usual non-stop 5K pace . I adopted a 4minute/1 minute run/walk interval for this run, although I ran the first couple of Ks non-stop until the crowd thinned a bit. The day was a beautiful typical Queensland winters day -- freezing in the morning (4C when we arrived at 7AM and 25C by lunchtime with clear blue skies). The track was dusty as it has been dry here and that would have affected some runners, I expect.

THIS, my friends , is (as many know) a man who could not run 100 metres 6 months ago. :)

I keep saying it - if I can do it, ANYONE can!!! :)

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Wow great pic! Many congratulations and thank you for your motivating post.

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Very very well done Bazza, sounds like a perfect day. Great time too. You must be feeling really proud, and rightly so! :)

Congratulations Bazza. Well run that man!

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Congratulations, sounds like you had a great run over there. You are an inspiration to us all, cheers.

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Well done Bazza! Really nice pic; sounds like you had a really great race - and you came in under your goal time as well, WELL DONE! :-)

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Well done and a good time too.

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Well Done Bazza, very impressive, like the pic ! :-) xxx

Well done and great time. Sounds like difficult conditions as well. Congratulations

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Way to go Baz! So, when's your next race then?

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Bazza1234Graduate in reply to misswobble

Got the BIG Sydney City to Surf on 10 August ( 14 klms and 85,000 entrants!! :) ) - today's run was basically a longer version of Parkrun 5K - so I won't be able to maintain a 7 minute pace for the next one -- 8 minutes per K sounds to me like a good "conversational" pace run :) . Maybe I might do some huffing and puffing over the last 3 Ks ( which is all downhill!! -- depending on how I manage to get up "Heartbreak Hill" at around the 6 klm mark :) )

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Woweee well done, you finished under your time as well. love the pic!

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Oh my goodness such a chilly start but what a cracking result: BOOM!

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Well done! Fabulous time too! Love the picture!

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Well done, Bazza. The dirt track sounds like my knifed of running :)

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Sounds like a great run Bazza - you are a role model for us oldies!

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Bazza, that is brilliant! Well done, and thanks for posting such an excellent photo! I huff and puff everywhere, so am never worried about pace. It sounds like you have a nice little race calendar going on. Well done :)

Well done Bazza! Great inspiring post and lovely photo. I love imaging you running down under - it is great that the forum lets us support each other as though we were close by.

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Bazza1234Graduate in reply to Hennypenny1010

Yes -- I love UK and would love to be able to run in some of your rural areas -- especially beside small rivers and canals

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Well done that man!!!!

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