Completed my first ever "race" today!

Completed my first ever "race" today!

The race for life which I booked way back at the beginning of the year prior to completing c25k..... little did i know that i would be up to the odd 10k by the time it rolled around... or that i would finish FIFTH!!!! It is amazing what this programme can do and I urge any one of you to KEEP GOING! Just see the difficult bits through and it will be SO WORTH IT! It can change you life x


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  • Wow, Amazing !! Fifth ?? Brilliant !!!!

    Well done and many Congratulations to you ! xxx

    Lovely photo, you are so pretty and tiny !!! :-) xxx

  • Thank you very much poppy!!:)xxx

  • Very well done...and 5th...that's fantastic!!! What a gorgeous piccy too :)

  • Thank you juicy!!!!:)xxx

  • Fifth?!! That is just fantastic! Well done, keep smiling like that, you're great!

  • Thanks a lot!!!:)xxx

  • Well done. Brilliant!!!! Lovely photo - you look really pleased and proud :)

  • Thank you! I was very pleased and proud hehe. The best thing was finishing and my boyfriend walking to wards me with that lovely pink flower in the photo just like wtf i had no idea you could run properly! Hahaa! All the ladies there were lovely such an incredible atmosphere!

  • Aaaawwwww bless. That's so lovely. He must be very proud.

  • Wow, well done you! What a great achievement, and you look fab!


  • Thank you!!:)xxx

  • Your Grandad and parents must be very proud of you, OP2015. Fifth!!! That is brilliant. Well done you. And you look so relaxed in the photo, we would not know you'd just run 5km.

  • Thank you very much!! I did NOT look relaxed on the finish line i can tell you hahaha!!!

  • Well done! 5th!!!! That is soooooo amazing!! I have my Race for Life on July 19th and if all goes to plan will have graduated a couple of weeks before that. I will think of you to inspire me when I am running it, but I don't think I will be finishing anywhere near the front! Will be glad just to finish in one piece!!

  • Thank you!!! Best of luck for graduating and for the race!:)xxx

  • Wow 5th that's amazing lovely photo what lovely memories to keep of a very special day !! Running really is the best thing ever !! ;)

  • 5th, thats amazing! well done you, lovely photo :)

  • Well done what a great journey and achievement, 5Th that is so fantastic. Enjoy the after glow of your first event.

  • Thats amazing. 5th! Well done

  • Absolutely brilliant! So well done on a first class achievement. Lovely photo and you don't look like you've just run a race!

  • What a shame it wasn't 4th?

    ( just had to say something different from well done you!)

    That is amazing 😊 😊

  • Wow, that's a great result! Fifth? Congratulations!!!

  • Thank u all! Anyone struggling to complete the programme it might be worth looking through my old posts LOL of misery and defeat! To prove that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!

  • Fifth??? Get out!!! That's crackers!!! Methinks you've undersold yourself super woman!!! Xxx

  • Haha thank you all so much... yes i did finish 5th but am feeling like a massive FRAUD now! It's different from a normal race isn't it because it isn't just "runners" that enter.. in fact I saw two ladies on crutches! If you compare it to my parkrun finishes for example, this week i finished 95th out of 202 people so i feel a bit guilty now for all of your "well dones" ! LOVELY as they are haha!!

  • You came FIFTH! There were at least four other people out there wanting to run it as a race and my guess is a lot more. Be proud of your achievement. As you say - When you entered you weren't exactly sure you'd be able to run the distance :)

    Also, I bet on your Parkrun finish positions, if you take the men out (!!) Your position is a lot higher. I am still trying to work out why at my local Parkrun only a third of the runners are female. I thought I'd read it was an even split across the whole parkrun population.

  • Hahaha bloody men ;)

  • Hey ! Youre not a fraud at all !

    The four in front of you would definitely have been "runners " !

    You did brilliantly , and we are all very proud of you ! :-) xxx

  • That's terrific Op15.

    I finished 125th at Parkrun on Saturday and was dead chuffed with that. I would be doing cartwheels (after a suitable rest, of course) with a P5.

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