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First ever official race!

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Here's me and the (grumpy, "gerroff Mum") Ginger Ninja before our 5k at St Albans today. So far, all our runs have been on path or road, this was mostly grass and proper hilly. The sort of hilly when you run up a hill, then run down again and look over at the hill you have to run up next... But I kept going. Time not fast, but there is a bit of the Duracell in me I think, I just kept plodding up the hilly bits... Ginge managed a stonking 24.47, coming 61st out of 347. I managed 31.28 I think, about halfway up the field which just amazed me!

Anyway, despite the fact that we'd done the 5k not the full Half Marathon which started an hour later, we got the same medals as the 13 milers.

This is how my mind works.

It felt a bit "cheaty".

So I have entered the Brighton Half next Feb, to earn my stripes officially. Eek and more eek!!!

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great photo! well done, and excellent that you have entered a HM :) eek!

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well done. I felt the same entering the 10k. But a half marathon is a LOT more. February is a while away, so you have time, but still, you are braver than me.

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Ah bless, what a lovely photo. Frame that and stick it on the mantelpiece. He'll be delighted. Doubly delighted that you posted it on here too. Ha ha

Well done on your first ever race!! Good isn't it to get that first one over and done with.

Good for you!!!! A half marathon. Blimey!!!! Yep, eek and double eek indeed

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That's a pretty good time especially for a hilly course! be proud - well done.

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Brilliant great time and well done for entering HM good luck xx

Your Ginger Ninja may be a whinger, but at least you have a child who runs with you! Mine point blank refuses :(

Well done missis x

"Perfect" says it all. Well done!

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Well done! Lovely picture and you both had great times!

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Well done you and a great time! Even greater for the Ginger Ninja, 24.47, that's seriously impressive!

Congratulations also on entering the Brighton Half. That'll be great fun :)

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Aw Well done Allie and Junior !

Ha ha your sons face is a picture ha ha ! Kids eh ? :-)

Youre doing fab Allie, youre going to nail that HM , I just know it :-) xxx

Whoop well done and now signed for a half marathon- that's great dedication🎉

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