Shin splints -devestated W5 r2

As a new runner and 50 this year I finished w5r2 last night and was feeling great. I have had pain in my shin for the last couple of runs but it didn't seem to last long so I didn't take much notice. Last night it was worse and still hurts today. My daughter spoke of shin splints so I have read up and see I might have to take a 2 -4 week break! I have a 5k run in September so I know I have plenty of time to get to the end of the programme. I am just worried I might lose my motivation and walk it instead. It's only the one leg as well, is that normal? Advice please!!


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7 Replies

  • Hi Juepoo, I started having problems with shin splints around the same time as you. Have you had your gait analysis done and got good shoes? Mine was in just the one leg too and a chiropractor I was seeing at the time advised I alternate my route (I was running exactly the same route and even the same side of the street) and especially run on grass or track when I can rather than just pavement. I took 2 weeks off running to get over the problem, took his advice, and not had a problem since (that was 16 months ago). Hope it gets sorted for you.

  • Hi Juepoo

    My son in law had this from playing football. His physio told him to take Vit D tablets and he found they really helped. I've started to take them too even though I don't suffer. They help bone strength. Many people have a lack of a Vit D because we don't get enough sunshine. Worth a try.

  • "Shin splints" is a catch all term that covers a number of different problems in that area. Frozen peas/Ice on the affected area 3 times for 10 minutes each time should help with the inflamation.

    Knowing what the root of the problem is is never easy but unsuitable footwear is the most common cause. As Ian suggests, gait analysis is probably worth looking at.

  • Thank you for the advice I will definitely get the gait analysis done and look at my shoes. The pains stopped this morning so feeling much better mentally and physically!

  • Hi Juepoo, I'm at the same stage of the program as you and am also feeling the tell tale twinges in my legs. I'm hoping it isn't SS but suspect it is :(

    Let us know how you get on, hopefully it's gone for good for you.

  • I spoke with a physio yesterday who is fairly sure that it my pain was not any broken bones just screaming muscles. She has given me more stretches to try. I might try a run later but will start back at w5 r1 and see how I go....

  • I got shin splints in week 2, I'm surprised I continued with the programme, it was unbelievably painful. Good shoes fitted by a good sports shop is the answer, after resting until the pain has gone. Ice and Ibuprofin will help too.

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