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W6R2 completed

I found that quite hard. First half of first 10 minutes was the to be expected bellows impression. Second half was stubbornness and the feeling that this would be the run to beat me.

Felt good during the rest walk (I’ve got those cracked...) and went off too fast in the start of the second 10 minute run. Had to slow right down. Half way seemed to take forever to come and I was struggling. Second half got steadily better as I recovered and final minute was gone in a flash.

Big run of the week to come and I’m apprehensive, as always. I am working at the local elections on Thursday which means being in work until around 2am. Can’t decide whether running Thursday morning is asking for trouble!

Good luck with your next run x

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Week 6 is difficult! Well done for keeping going. Could you run on Friday instead? Having 2 rest days at this stage in the programme is no bad thing and Thursday’s going to be a looong day...a run on Friday might be just the thing

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Yes I certainly could. I have to be back in work most of the day and have a meeting to run from 7pm 😱 Friday is looking more sensible.


Also ran w6r2 this morning Jay, more nervous today than EVER, I mean what is it with all the apprehension ? Like you it wasn't til the last part of 2nd run that my breathing finally settled and I found my mojo ... and I'm afraid I swore at the end for first time ever .. 😰

Definitely taking at least 2 days rest before r3.

Enjoy the sun while it lasts!


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It’s a hard week, isn’t it. Well done for fighting through. Good luck next run!


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