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Will I really be able to run for 30 minutes


Hello, just finished my first week. Never been able to run, very very unfit and over weight. I’m 53 and suffered from plantar faciatis (spelling) over last year but it’s much better with strapping and ice when needed. I really want to believe I can change things around and bring down my newly diagnosed high blood pressure but feel I am plodding along and don’t know if I am running correctly. I can’t wAit for the prompt to start walking lol so if only just managing 60 secs will I honest be able to manage longer periods. Your success stories may help me believe. Thanks in advance

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You will, slowly and with determination you’ll get there.

Mrscindyb in reply to cobrien

Thank you

We are all in the same doubting if we can do the next weeks challenge, so yes I'm sure you can work up to the 30 minute run 👍.

It's totally unbelievable how far each and everyone of us are going week by week.

Amazing ourselves each week.

Good luck and well done for starting the programme


Hi! Well done on finishing your first week!

I’m 53 and have osteoarthritis in hands and feet! I also had high blood pressure and was taking medication for it for a number of years. I started the c25k in September last year and graduated early December. Still running 3 times a week and am off all medication now! Blood pressure has come right down. I did lose 2 stone in 6 months leading up to starting programme with walking and eating a healthy diet. I have maintained my weight and have gone from a size 14 to size 10 so much trimmer all round and I have so much energy! (Most of the time!) Feet do get painful but I have good supportive running shoes!

It’s definitely the best thing I’ve done for myself!

Keep going! Nice and slowly and you’ll feel the benefits I’m sure! 😀🏃‍♀️

Mrscindyb in reply to Sarakc

Amazing news. I Hope to lose a few stone too but I need to take one step at a time and not give in like I usually do. Well done and thank you for positive response

SarakcGraduate in reply to Mrscindyb

Keep coming to the forum for support! It helped me to keep going!

I was out for a brisk walk this evening and saw so many people of all ages and sizes out running! I always wonder if they are doing c25k!😀

Mrscindyb in reply to Sarakc

I’m now more aware and seeing lots of folks out jogging


Well done for starting! Im 53 too until Thursday and I have tried to run so many times in the past without success but this programme and all the advice and support from this forum and I am now on week 7! I still plod but that’s absolutely fine I’m never going to be speedy 🐌 you can do it! 😃

Mrscindyb in reply to Bridget007

Brilliant. Think I will always plod but hopefully my stamina will improve

DoingthebestIcanGraduate in reply to Bridget007

Can I ask what shoes you have ?

Bridget007Graduate in reply to DoingthebestIcan

I got new ones last week after a gait analysis Brooks Ravenna 9 with a support insole as I broke my ankle last year and had to have a plate and 6 screws so one foot lands totally differently from the other 😊 they are the most comfortable shoes ever 😃

Mrscindyb in reply to Bridget007

Feel really silly but don’t even know what gait is, did you just get this at sports retailer?

davelinksGraduate in reply to Mrscindyb

Mrsc, please have a look at the following link, loads of great info there for new runners, some info on shoe's as well...


Great to hear your success story. I am on week 1 and doubting myself. Can I ask what kind if shoes you have?

I have tape on my heel and I wear a supportive insole for now. Just wear a pair of trainers I’ve had for a while but will look for some suitable running shoes soon

I barely used to be able to catch my breath during the walking break in time for the next run...and now I can run for 40 mins without stopping. How? Patience and perseverance. You will get there. Trust the programme, and yourself. We all started with a slow plod - in fact, that’s the best way!


And massive well done on completing the first week. You are already a winner and a star for taking control of your fitness. 👏👏👏

Mrscindyb in reply to Sadie-runs

Amazing motivation. Ty 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️

Good for you for starting. Early days for me too- week 4. It took me 6 runs to get past week 1 and 4 to do week 2. Just keep going, repeat if you need to and you’ll get there! Go us!!



Check this post out for a lot of helpful advice.... and well done you!

Keep it slow and keep it steady... breathe normally and go gently through each run:)

Mrscindyb in reply to Oldfloss

Very interesting. Really going to make this work. Advice to repeat if necessary is very helpful but going to try and not doubt myself so much


I’m in week 3. Slightly younger than you but unfit and overweight. I can say that the first run was ‘the worst’ - that is to say i knew was to expect on run 2 and 3 and therefore they felt better. And dare I say it- I am enjoying it. Keep going 😄

Little update. I managed my fist 20 min run. Can’t believe I am actually reporting this 😝

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