W8R1 this morning, wasn't sure but it was OK!

Hello, I'm Sarah, and I've been following all the helpful advice and encouragement here for a few weeks. I started C25K in May with a small group and it was amazing - the group has dwindled due to life, commitments and injuries but I've kept going, because if I stop I'm not sure I'll get going again. So finding this forum was a huge bonus to keeping going on my own and this morning I managed W8R1 (so glad to see the back of week 7, it took me 5 goes and the music seemed to be the worst!) and I donated blood on Thursday evening, so wasn't sure if that would have an effect, but I felt fine, it wasn't any harder than normal! So I just wanted to say thank you, this forum is brilliant.


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  • Wow what a survivor keep it up it will do you no end of good physically and mentally and so what if it has taken longer than expected. I am a blood donor to but made the decision to not give while doing this as I knew it was to much to ask of my body giving blood reduces the capability for the blood to pump oxygen round the body plus they advise not to do strenuous exercise for atleast 24 hrs and I didn't want to put myself out of syn with those I was running with so to speak. Anyway welcome aboard keep us updated with how you get on with the rest of the journey

  • Thank you, I will! I've been donating for quite a few years and never had any problems, but then I wasn't a runner (well, trying to be a runner!) I didn't do any exercise for over 24 hours, and I really didn't notice any difference this morning, and I've now met Julie to keep me company this week!!

  • I've given blood for a while as well again before running but made the mistake of trying to replace 1 pint of blood with 4 pints of lager not while I was doing this mind but felt like hell. Still Julie and the forum will keep you company for the next two weeks and then it's up to you where you want to go

  • They won't take my blood over here - if you lived in Europe for more than two months in the previous ten years or something its a no no. I gave all the time when I could, and Platlets especially - I think one donation of Platelets is the equivalent of fifty blood donations or something like that.

    As for replacing the liquid loss - the Irish Blood Transfusion Clinics used to offer you either Orange soda OR a bottle of Guinness post-donation in my day :)

  • After giving blood, the difference in volume makes Alcohol more "Potent" !! EVEN MORE likely to cause DEATH !!

    Best activities to replace the blood, include:

    drinking fruit juice; drinking lots of water;

    Fruits and Vegetables;

    light diet of high-protein foods.

    (and mineral/vitamin supplements )

  • Many Thanks to all those who donate blood.

    Sorry, I can't give blood !!

    More, I am LIKELY to need blood "Supplements"

    at least 4 times a year !!

  • Hi Scruffy

    Well done on your progress so far , you certainly will go all the way to Graduation now !

    There is a really interesting link in this post from Realfoodieclub regarding blood donation .


    Well done on your run today and please keep posting so that we can cheer you along your way ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks PP, I saw that article, that's why I wasn't sure, but I started cautiously and felt fine, so just carried on. I will keep posting, this forum is so uplifting and a mine of helpful information, and I AM going to reach graduation soon.........:-)

  • Great stuff ! Yes , that's the spirit ! :-) xxx

  • Well done :)