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Well and truly cooked!

Done my three runs this week after graduating last Sunday and rather than worry about distance, have just been setting the timer on my ipod and adding a couple of minutes each time. So out I go on a very dull, wet Sunday morning, can’t believe how much I am really enjoying this, just loving it - me running! 🏃‍♀️Anyway Lovely Laura finished, so put my radio on, got engrossed in the music and realised as I jiggled to Ed’s Galway Girl, (Riverdance it wasn’t) 🎼 that I had missed my cue to stop, so 40 minutes??? later, red faced, sweaty but smiley, I walked home. Happy new week runners. 😃

PS Note to self: download some music on to my phone. Ta ra Laura chuck!, thanks for everything, couldn’t have done it without you✌🏻

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👍🏽nice one!

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Absolutely brilliant, very well done, 40 minutes how amazing is that

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