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Luverly weather.. But! (early mornings from now)

Luverly weather.. But! (early mornings from now)

With the hot weather, we started to think about the heat and as newish runners, how it may affect us. My good lady is not an early morning person, so I was surprised when she suggested getting up at 6am and doing the run early morning. We are loving the running and we love the friendliness of the community we meet out and about. But to get Lesley out at 6:30 in the morning? Brilliant.

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Well done! I think the most amazing thing about this programme is not just that it gets you running but it changes the way you live your life. I get up earlier at weekends, generally eat more healthily, definitely spend more time outside and think more positively about everything.

I love early morning running when you have the world to yourself.

Happy running 😊


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