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First run with 9 year old :)


Just completed week 1 run 3 for me, with it being the first run for my 9 year old son.

I think it worked well that I had 2 runs down as I had an idea of what we were doing, as well as the tight chest feeling having eased off from the first run. This made it easier for me to be able to speak (haha!) in order to spur him on.

He is a big reader so spends a lot of time sitting, but he did so well. Managed all of the runs and had a great attitude, even though he said at one point that it felt like he had "swallowed a bee" cause he had a 'stingy stomach'.

We had a great chat during the walks and it was a brilliant way to spend time together.

Not sure whether to go back myself to do 2 more runs so we are at the same point or to carry on into week 2 as well as running with him. I find running on my own with music really nice, and as I said in another post, hopefully beneficial for my mental health.

So I'm not sure if that would be too much for me, I don't want to overdo it. He has after school activities which make it hard to organise regular runs and i like my lone runs (the 2 I have done so far!).

What do you think?

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I think it is important that your son sees a very happy mummy who is achieving her goal to complete this challenge. That lone time is obviously helping you feel better and it’s important you keep that. This may sound funny but I love my run time on my own but usually with my dog, on my rest days in between the run days I walk about 40 - 60 mins both ends of the day to walk not just my dog but my mum in laws dog too. I couldn’t do that on my run days because I would trip over them all. Anyway maybe you could build in some walk time between running days for you and your lovely son to keep that wonderful chat going x


Well done on getting out there with your son.

While you may well cope with extra runs at this stage, it will be as different matter as the durations ramp up. If you got into sync with your son, their would be no issue.

Please do make sure that you take your rest days. These are when your body repairs and strengthens the muscles that develop micro tears when running, as described in the guide to the plan


That story is lovely. Time with children is valuable, that session sounded like some real quality time together.

It sounds like a cop out, but I would say to do what works best for you. If you're happier, it will improve things between you.

Congratulations on finishing week 1.

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