My 9 year old Son

My 9 year old Son

I let my 9 year old son come with me on a run today. He did really well for his first run. He managed 0.74miles thats with 3 walking breaks. He kind of got upset because he tends to run nd walk on his toes. So I was trying to get him to run with his heel down. Hopefuly he will soon get it.

He really enjoyed it. Big smiles on his face. He even said he was proud of himself.

I dont know how often to take him out as I want to get my run in there somewhere too. So was just thinking once a week till he gets used to it. Or does he need another run in week too?


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7 Replies

  • Don't try and chaneg the way he foot strikes! Forefoot striking is actually the hip 'in' thing with a lot of runners and any nmber spend their time trying to switch from a lifetime of heel striking (which is held to be inefficient and bad for you) to the forefoot.

    Now, I'm not coming down on either side (or end ) of the heel/forefoot debate (and happily, bening a naturl mid-foot striker, am able to maintain a neutrality), but tryng to rerpogarmme the way you naturally walk/run at the same time as first strting to run is a very bad idea IMO, and I certainly wouldn't be trying to inflict such change on a 9 yr old.

  • Sorry can't give you any advice but would just like to say what a wonderful picture ! He looks so pleased with himself and rightly so. Enjoy your running together it's a great hobby to have ☺️

  • Aw , hes a little cutie ! :-)

    I love how his water bottle is nearly as big as him Ha ha :-D

    One to watch for the future ! :-) xxx

  • I agree with Rignold - there's only one thing Laura says which should definitely be ignored and that is the direction to hit the ground with your heel first. As he says, moot whether you need to change it if that's what you are doing naturally but if you are not, absolutely don't fix it.

    That said, I am always a bit interested when someone talks about a child of this age walking/running on toes and the professional bit of me wants to know why - is there a neurological or anatomical reason? Sometimes it is worth knowing.

    Good luck with negotiating your runs and congratulations on making it look appealing. Can you run in the same area at the same time without trying to do the same run?

  • My brother used to walk on his toes and it ended up causing his calf muscles to shrink and be painful to lengthen. I remember that for about 6 months the Dr had told my parents to have him sit with his legs straight out on the floor and then push his feet so his toes were pointing at the ceiling.

    I don't know whether tight calf muscles caused the tip toes but the tip toes were definitely causing calf shrinkage. A very painful process but he walks heel first now and still runs forefoot first- oh I envy this!

  • My other son walks on his toes nd needs to wear splints to stretch his heel. As its stiffened. So im kinda scared it will happen to him too. As he is a toe walker too

  • That sounds like a scary thought. Might it be worth taking him to the Dr now and see if there are any stretches that can help your youngest, and possibly your oldest too?

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